Posted: June 18, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

Body language comes across as a very powerful way of communicating. When it comes to careers, especially while attending interviews, every small movement you make will amplify what’s going on in your mind.
You might unknowingly destruct your chances of getting the job that fits your profile because of faulty actions. Let’s look at a few ‘wrongful actions’ commonly committed during interviews so that you could try to avoid them the next time.

Interpreting your body language:
Your face is the most transparent medium in your body and every _expression will send out large volumes of signals, both positive and negative. Eye contact is another very important aspect. Always maintain direct eye contact. Fickle eye movements suggest insincerity.

However make sure that in an effort to maintain eye contact, you do not come across as offensive and intimidating.

Positioning your arms can convey confidence, arrogance or defensiveness. Use arm movements to emphasize your verbal statements. It will give added stress to what you want to convey without actually saying it. Here again make sure your arm movements are not too exaggerated so as to distract the interviewer.

Crossed arms, closed palms, and clenched fists etc send out negative ripples.

Here are some more interesting interpretations of the body language:

Chewing or biting nails/Patting or fondling hair/Fiddling with jewellery etc project insecurity, nervousness and lack of self-confidence.
Rubbing your eye, looking down and turning your face away conveys disbelief and doubt.
Stroking your chin, pulling or tugging at your ear etc indicates indecisiveness.
Tilted head shows your interest while tapping your fingers is a sign of impatience.
Pinching the bridge of your nose signifies negative evaluation.
Open palm symbolizes sincerity, openness and innocence and in contrast touching your nose or rubbing it in between a conversation conveys that you are not being true.
Rubbing your hands is a sign of anticipation while resting your cheek in your palm casts an image of thoughtfulness and evaluation.
Your arms crossed on your chest communicate defensiveness.
If you are aware of these body traits, you could use it to your advantage to evaluate your recruiter.

If the recruiter’s eyes wander away in search of something more interesting, then it means that your communication is not up to the mark and that there is a level of discomfort.

If he nods in acceptance as you are conversing, it’s a positive vibe and it also indicates that the person is listening to you.

Smiling also is a positive sign but make sure he isn’t smiling at the wrong time, which could indicate a negative influence.

If the interviewer has his legs crossed with his hands clasped at the back of his head, its better you think twice before taking the offer as this posture exaggerates extreme arrogance and superiority.

Remember to be relaxed during an interview, your hands on either sides in front of you and maintain positive eye contact. Do not be over casual and lean right back on your chair, but position yourself in such a way that you face the person directly and show a keen interest in the opening and the company

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