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funny air traffic controllers quotes: “From an unknown aircraft waiting in a very long takeoff queue: ‘I’m f…ing bored!’ Ground Traffic Control: ‘Last aircraft transmitting, identify yourself immediately!’ Unknown aircraft: ‘I said I was f…ing bored, not f…ing stupid!'”
The hyperlink goes to a page having some ATC (Air Traffic Controller) quotes/Converstions which had me rolling on the floor. Have come across them for not the first time yet still it did evoke quite a magnificient effect. Do go there, especially if you are a jet setting traveller.

By the way I am on the verge of working with Peoplesoft. After the hostile takeover by ORACLE don’t quite know if I should leave the comfort zone of Business Intelligence with/without due diligence. Waiting for a better sense to prevail and till that time holding on to what I have.

Came Across a publication detailing about the have/have-nots in terms of achievers in DOT.COM startups. One of the trends which have survived and thrived is that of BLOGS In fact in the 2004 Presidential elections in USAbloggers were invited along with normal press reporters from traditional media for briefings.
Some Nick Denton has been figured in one of most powerful men in US Media for his widely seen blogs : Gizmodo – the gizmo Blog, Wonkette – the Political Blog and Fleshbot – the porn Blog

I checked out one of these (guess which one 😉 and found them to be quite good. For one, lemme help you with a taster for the stuff. Click Here

Rocking as Ever,

Chirantan “Cheetos


Nikon Small World – Gallery

Posted: November 28, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

Look through a Microscope.
This reminded me of the days of Scientific Temperament days when I had that uncanny urge to Question “Why & Why not“.
This made me a perfect fit in the ‘creatures‘ whose (over) inquisitiveness forces them to get behind the microscope to understand everything. Clearly a highly unsuitable candidate for IITs !

So Re-arouse that dormant temperament and Bon-Voyage on the journey of thrilling Science.


This day in Music ::
An Ideal Blog for a Music fReAk
This site tells you the number one song on the UK/USA pop charts the day you were born. Guess which one is mine ? Its “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Could easily Identify with this as have heard the Re-mixed version of this in the hindi movie “KAAL”
Cheers ~C

Lovely Email Lesson

Posted: November 27, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

Got this rather fun email lesson from the net the other day. Quite informative and I thought I would send it across to all my buddies who keep forwarding such “get rich by forwarding” chain emails. But decided to exercise restrain.

By the way gave IIFT exams today. Was siiting on the same bench with a girl who was very gorgeous., to say the least. And surprise, she was actually flirting a lot with her low neckline! Unfortunately wanted to focus more on the Qpaper, which as it is was quite an arduous one, so had to cod shoulder her. Had it been any other day I would have gone ga-ga over her!

Life is definitely not without a sense of I-R-O-N-Y


Music Stars Real Names

Posted: November 24, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

Music Stars Real Names. Just stumbled on this site. This gives the true names of all the different singers. Quite a revelation actually to find the following (Better known Name – Actual Name):
1.) Jon Bon Jovi – John Francis Bongiovi Jr.
2.) Bono (U2) – Paul David Hewson
3.) Eric Clapton – Eric Patrick Clapp
4.) Alice Cooper – Vincent Damon Furnier
5.) John Denver – John Henry Deutschendorf
6.) Kenny G – Kenneth Gorelick
7.) Elton John – Reginald Kenneth Dwight
8.) Madonna – Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

The list goes on & on !
Check out the site for more details.


Unconquerable Soul

Posted: November 22, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

OUT of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.


In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.



Bargain Bites – Top 16 Cheap-Eats Under Rs.50!
Baker’s Inn
For the absolute best in all things baked and beautiful, you must visit this most popular of Amrutha Mall’s attractions.
Baker’s Inn, 23 Amrutha Mall, Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 500082
(040) 5561-7700

Chicken 65 Bandi
All discerning diners within a five-mile radius of Ramakrishna Theatre know that this is where you’ll find the best plate of chicken 65 in town.
Chicken 65 Bandi, Near Ramakrishna Theatre, Abids, Hyderabad

Corn Club
CC does such amazing things with the golden kernel that you’ll have trouble believing this stuff is actually healthy for you.
Corn Club, No. 2A, Ground Floor, Manjeera Square, Blue Fox, Minerva Lane, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500038
(040) 5536-9900

Paradise Food Court
They paved Paradise. But it remains one of the twin-cities’ busiest food centrals.
Paradise Food Court, Adjacent to Paradise Persis, MG Road, Secunderabad – 500003
(040) 2784-3115

Pick ‘N’ Move
Anything dipped, swirled, tossed or generally smothered in chocolate is great here.
Pick ‘N’ Move, Amrutha Estate, Himayathnagar Main Road, Hyderabad – 500029
(040) 5561-9999

Vac’s Pastries
It’s out of the way for most of us, but news of the freshest, most scrumptious pastries in town has made its way around.
Vac’s Pastries, Plot No. 22, New Vasavinagar, Karkhana, Secunderabad – 500015
(040) 2774-0233

Sandwich Stall – Convenio
Almost everyone who works the midnight-shift is familiar with the sandwiches at Convenio.
Sandwich Stall – Convenio, Convenio Petrol Station, Next to Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, Hyderabad

Sarvi Bakers & Confectioners
Of all the grub-hubs in the area, Sarvi’s will do the most good for your stomach with the least harm to your pocket.
Sarvi Bakers & Confectioners, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034
(040) 5563-1113

Tibbs Frankie
Hyderabad is descending in droves. Yes, we’d say it’s been a success.
Tibbs Frankie, White House Building, Next To Lifestyle, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016
Map | email

Country Oven
Country Oven proves that old real-estate adage true – it’s all about location, location, location.
Country Oven, Greenlands, Main Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500016
(040) 2340-9241
Map | email

Big Byte
No matter how many swanky new fast food joints come up in between, people are still finding their way to this large bakery that according to some, serves the best desi burgers in town.
Big Byte, 8-3-978/3, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad
(040) 2374-2471

One of the few places in Banjara Hills that will leave your wallet unscathed, Midways is an old favourite with many foodies of the area.
Midways, Opp. JVR Park, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034
(040) 5550-5000
Map | email

Sarovar Coffee Shop
You can see why people keep coming back. Good food, reasonable prices and a little peace if you want to work or have some reading to catch up with.
Sarovar Coffee Shop, Sarovar Plaza, Secretariat, Saifabad, Hyderabad – 500063
(040) 2323-7299

Anyplace that’s replaced the much adored Shanbhag restaurant has some serious living up to do. And fortunately Step-In does more that just live up to expectations.
Step-In, 6-3-883/9, Ibrahim Khan Estate, Punjagutta X-Roads, Hyderabad
(040) 5534-5488

Checker’s Cafe
The next time you’re tired of the same old same old, give Checker’s a shot.
Checker’s Cafe, Opp. Minerva Coffee Shop, Himayathnagar, Hyderabad – 500029
(040) 5582-7102

Outside Shoppers’ Stop
Ever since Shoppers’ Stop’s food court has gotten obscenely expensive – and it never was cheap to begin with – people have preferred to skip the fifth floor altogether and get their bites at the main gate instead.
Outside Shoppers’ Stop, Shoppers’ Stop, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016

Came across this wonderful game. This one displays a collage of images. The player has to guess the word which when fed to GOOGLE Picture search will give those results.
Lovely Game & a very out-of-the-box idea indeed!