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My this post is dedicated to these two individuals
1. Satyendra Dubey
2. Manjunathan Shanmugam
Among them I will focus on the later, not because the former’s contribution was meager or lesser by any means but only because the later is chronologically neare to date, and as is said in Julius Caesar, “The Public have a very short memory”.
Finally one mainstay newspaper did carry a report on Manju. Always believed that ET was the better of the two sibblings for Benett&Colman, TOI being the more popular one. My belief got another feather on its cap with this article.
May his soul rest in peace and may his efforts not go in vain. Makes me believe that there is, what can be called a relapse Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s children“; children who were shaped on that fateful midnight, sandwiched between 14th and 15th August of 1947; ‘as the stroke of Midnight hour, when the world sleeps India will awaken to life’.
Truly! How Prophetic! India is truly awakening to life, reminds me of Prince ‘Kumbhakarna‘ form the Indian mythology. Waking up from his numerous years of prolonged sleep due tu the hustling-jostling of all the perturbed sepoys.
Its not that hydra headed demons of red-tapism, adultery, bribery and so on and so forth which plague our day to day lives have just popped up from nowhere. They were there and thriving peacefully and amicably. Its now that we have taken notice and the current effects are but manifstations of the expected Withdrawl Symptoms due to counter-meaures taken. Its indeed good ews. The fact that a boy, a mere boy had the strength in his upbringing in small town of Kolar to stand up against much more than a bribe of 1 crore, to face the bullets and perish with his values shrouding him in honour in his final abode. Indeed good news. Imagine the INERTNESS of his value-system that even walking in to an elite B-School did not stop him from walking out of this unscrupulous deal.
His teacher at IIM-L Prof. Chatterjee remebers discussing this question in one of his classes ‘If Lifelihood is for life, what is life for?’. As expected from most such politically correct discussions involving future managers; this remained INCONCLUSIVE.
Prof. Chatterjee goes on to say, with Manju saqcrificing his life in the altar of truth he has been able to answer this critical question effectively, LIFE if for the COUNTRY. Indeed so!
Remain grateful to both these two ordinary folks who rose above ordinary circumstances, with ordinary handicaps (ones that we all come across day-to-day) to set an example with their extra-ordinary belief in themselves and their extra-ordinary conviction to do what it takes to pursue what they thought was righteous.
In a line, they bring back reminisences of this famous line,
“As dark is the night, as colorful will be the dawn ~ Rabindranath Tagore’
Adieu my fried, Adieu. May you rest in peace.


Sharing the ~ SHARE KARMA ~

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Everybody seeks happiness! Not me, though! That’s the difference between me and the rest of the world. Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria! ~  Calvin

Wow ! Is life a roller-coaster ride! Life’s been pretty much on the rocks for the past month or two. With substantial investments in the market and all of them loosing money, I was almost scheduling the filing of my Chapter11. The past couple of days the market has revived but not my shares; and just when it seemed that the wheel might actually come a full circle, it stopped the turn and went back spiraling down.

Today however was a different ball game. After witnessing volatile trading, the markets gathered momentum and rallied further as the Sensex surged over 100 points. The bounce back was led by heavy buying support from operators on the back of sustained and increased FII inflows. The BSE 30-share index settled at an all time high of 9284, up 114 points while the Nifty closed at 2813, marking a gain of 45 points.

I am hoping against hope that the upswing will continue so that I can actually undertake redemption of my curiosity fuelled investments.

As far as I’m concerned, if something is so complicated that you can’t explain it in 10 seconds, then it’s probably not worth knowing anyway. ~ Calvin

Why I got into the market in the first place is a separate story altogether. I have always (atleaset for quite a few years) have dreamt of becoming an Investment Banker (I Banker). Always felt ashamed of even admitting the same to myself even as I did not know even an ‘I’ of Investment. So with my meager paying job, I decided to skip some frills of life in order to make the ends meet with some spare moolah to pump into the market. Now the terms ‘moolah’ and ‘pump’  are crash gross overstatement/criminal exaggeration. Anyways, that was me saving my pennies every here and there and saving it diligently to make my foray into the market. Amusing as it seems now in retrospective analysis, those were the days I had just finished ‘Kane and Abel’ and the hangover of prodigy of William Kane was still to pass.

The above quoted saying of Calvin can summarize the total  erudition from the Securities market.
The ‘Guru Mantras’ so to say

  1. Investment is ALWAYS for the long term
  2. NEVER try to predict the market.

These are the two basic lessons that every ‘wannabe’ investor comes across while doing his homework and he chooses to ignore much to his peril. Finally after a hell’uva cuts, bruises and tears realizes the truth in the prophecy.

I too have got my cuts, and its high time to ‘Band-Aid’ them !

So long Speculative Trading

Yeah, come in Analytical Investment !


The Market Today : At a glance

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Heart vs Head

Posted: December 15, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

Heart vs. Head

“But Calvin is no kind and loving god! He’s one of the old gods! He demands sacrifice!”

Many a times I. feel I talk more from my heart than from my head . Today got into an argument with a person at a traffic crossing. It was right in front of Madhapur petrol pump and the full traffic was waiting for Chief Minister to pass by. The frenzied traffic cops were uttering some gibberish in Telugu and as expected most people(including myself) were not getting a clue as to what he was trying to say. After a while I got irritated and asked him why he was not talking in Hindi, to which an irate passenger dressed in all black, with naked foot and carrying the ‘pious’ mala replied as to what business was it mine which language the traffic cop uses. I replied by saying that just in case he is not aware, Hindi and Telugu is the official language of India. Must admit that I might have invited serious trouble for myself, knowing the volatile and capricious nature of the cop constables on the prowl.

I get this recurring feeling that more than anything else; it is this obstinacy to not learn anything common to the rest of the country, that keeps southern India still disconnected from mainstream India and hence the aptness of the term, “South Indian”.

Moving to something most ’Junta’ can connect to: Cricket. The way Ganguly has been left out of the team in spite of doing a ‘at-par’ performance speaks volumes about the reigning captain, Rahul Dravid. According to me, Sharad Pawar is the worst thing that has ever happened to Indian Cricket. Its like getting La’loo Prasad Yadav to head NASA. Tragic at best! People should start expecting Maharashtria-kars and mumbaikars to make it to . : clowns like Ajit Agarkar). The icing to the cake is that there are are characters like Raqj Singh Dungarpur and Bhishen Singh bedi who played mediocre, subsistence level cricket in their Hay-days deciding the fate and future of the most successful captain this country has ever had. The gluttony never Ends!

L’amour Toujours

Posted: December 10, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

One of the SEXIEST Numbers I came across
i still believe in your eyes
i trust don’t care what you’ve done in your live
baby i’ll always be here by your side
don’t leave me waiting to long
please come back
i still believe in your eyes
there is no choice
I belong to your life
because i live to love you some day
you’ll be my baby and we’ll fly away
i fly with you (3x)
everything and everynight
i always treat back
you are by my side
oh baby, everything and everynight
we are so laughing
things gonna be all right
and i fly with you (3x)
I still believe in your eyes…
i fly with you (3x)
everything and everynight…
i fly with you (3x)

A big day for most Indian students aspiring to the Inidan Institute of Management (IIMs). It is a very sad day for me and not the least becauseof a pitiable performance in the examination. I have after all a Computer Science & Engg. degree from one of the top colleges in India to back me up and a very civilized and polished job to fend for me. Today is a day when one of INDIA’s honest and Spirited soul reached martyrdomin Lakhanpur Uttar Pradesh. With passage of time there are these three states i India I really believed do far harm than good to the cause of the country. These are Uttar Pradesh Bihar and ‘Waste Bengal’. I have a strong feeling that these trulky deserve to be ‘NUKED’ in order to prevent the contagious toxic enclosement from spreading.
“HIS decision to seal a petrol pump in Lakhimpur district cost Manju Nathan, a 27-year-old sales manager with the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and an IIML passout, his life”
And the worst part of it is that the stink of Joiurnalism or rather so called ‘journalism’ . Only Inidian Express had the ‘Courage of Journalism’. Times of India & Hindustan Times were busy licking the ass of all the Page-3 and the feudalistic politicians.
What a sham of a system we have!
~ Chirantan

The link leads to a philanthropist’ server containing the complete collection of calvin ad hobbes available free for download. All for you to download and enjoy! ~C

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