November 20 : is CAT Really that big a deal ?

Posted: December 10, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

A big day for most Indian students aspiring to the Inidan Institute of Management (IIMs). It is a very sad day for me and not the least becauseof a pitiable performance in the examination. I have after all a Computer Science & Engg. degree from one of the top colleges in India to back me up and a very civilized and polished job to fend for me. Today is a day when one of INDIA’s honest and Spirited soul reached martyrdomin Lakhanpur Uttar Pradesh. With passage of time there are these three states i India I really believed do far harm than good to the cause of the country. These are Uttar Pradesh Bihar and ‘Waste Bengal’. I have a strong feeling that these trulky deserve to be ‘NUKED’ in order to prevent the contagious toxic enclosement from spreading.
“HIS decision to seal a petrol pump in Lakhimpur district cost Manju Nathan, a 27-year-old sales manager with the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and an IIML passout, his life”
And the worst part of it is that the stink of Joiurnalism or rather so called ‘journalism’ . Only Inidian Express had the ‘Courage of Journalism’. Times of India & Hindustan Times were busy licking the ass of all the Page-3 and the feudalistic politicians.
What a sham of a system we have!
~ Chirantan


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