Heart vs Head

Posted: December 15, 2005 in Arbit Thoughts

Heart vs. Head

“But Calvin is no kind and loving god! He’s one of the old gods! He demands sacrifice!”

Many a times I. feel I talk more from my heart than from my head . Today got into an argument with a person at a traffic crossing. It was right in front of Madhapur petrol pump and the full traffic was waiting for Chief Minister to pass by. The frenzied traffic cops were uttering some gibberish in Telugu and as expected most people(including myself) were not getting a clue as to what he was trying to say. After a while I got irritated and asked him why he was not talking in Hindi, to which an irate passenger dressed in all black, with naked foot and carrying the ‘pious’ mala replied as to what business was it mine which language the traffic cop uses. I replied by saying that just in case he is not aware, Hindi and Telugu is the official language of India. Must admit that I might have invited serious trouble for myself, knowing the volatile and capricious nature of the cop constables on the prowl.

I get this recurring feeling that more than anything else; it is this obstinacy to not learn anything common to the rest of the country, that keeps southern India still disconnected from mainstream India and hence the aptness of the term, “South Indian”.

Moving to something most ’Junta’ can connect to: Cricket. The way Ganguly has been left out of the team in spite of doing a ‘at-par’ performance speaks volumes about the reigning captain, Rahul Dravid. According to me, Sharad Pawar is the worst thing that has ever happened to Indian Cricket. Its like getting La’loo Prasad Yadav to head NASA. Tragic at best! People should start expecting Maharashtria-kars and mumbaikars to make it to . : clowns like Ajit Agarkar). The icing to the cake is that there are are characters like Raqj Singh Dungarpur and Bhishen Singh bedi who played mediocre, subsistence level cricket in their Hay-days deciding the fate and future of the most successful captain this country has ever had. The gluttony never Ends!


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