Sabbatical Chronicle

Posted: January 9, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts

December & January Updates
Been out of circulation for a while. Every single day I relegiously felt ill at ease about not blogging and then religiously chose the convenient route to ‘shift focus’. Anyways lots of things happened even as the previous year was drawing to a close, as chronologically listed below.
1.) Spent Christmas with parents who had come over
2.) Had a college re-union of sorts with folks comming over from all over.
3.) Performed as Pathetic as possible in CAT
4.) Topped the distaste with being congratulated all around for belling it.
5.) Preparing for K, taking frequent plunges in Computer Sc books. This interestingly is bringing back lots and lots of memories and reminded me that I was actually quite good at this, while I was at it!
Makes my Resolve all the more stronger!
“But you can Johnathan, for you have learnt.
One school is finished and the time has come for another to begin.”
– Johnathan Livingston
The seagull story

Incidently the link in the title bar takes you to some snaps of our re-union.

~ Cheers ~


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