Colin Gregory Palmer – Book Review – Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Posted: January 17, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts

Started to read – Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
Purchased a legal novel after, what 6 years! Now that’s something of a news, imagine walking out to the nearest CROSSWORD book store and buying a book just on pllain fluke, comming home and then reading hrrendous book reviews about that on the net. On retrospect I don’t realise the purpose or the point in buying a book on the fly and then going home and reading Reviews about it. Come on! There’s got to be an end to reverse engineering.
I think maybe I should have limited myself to reading the e-book version. Best of it all it comes free! 🙂
Anyways interesting term I came Across.
Antimatter : Antimatter or contra-terrene matter is matter that is composed of the antiparticles of those that constitute normal matter. If a particle and its antiparticle come in contact with each other, the two annihilate and produce a burst of energy, which results in the production of other particles and antiparticles or electromagnetic radiation. In these reactions, rest mass is not conserved, although (as in any other reaction) energy (E=mc²) is conserved.

But there were more than one technical Howlers in the plot as the review candidly admits. Especially the wireless transmission of picture by a hidden camera of the clock ticking away. And imagine the worlds top research lab going beserk trying to pin it down. Seems like concepts of Triangulation were unheard of in that period 🙂
For those of you who do not know what it means, it simply refers to the technology of pinning down the location of a wireless transmitting/recieving device like a cellular phone or in this case a CCTV Camera.
These are things which would never occur in case the plot had been worked upon for accuracy.
In case you too plan to read the book, do check out the review oin the main link !


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