Bobbie Carlyle & the Self Made Man

Posted: February 16, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts

The essence of the sculpture of Bobbie Carlyle is captured in the words bold strength and provocative intelligence

It all started about a week back when someone wanted me to pen a few lines about our new goliathian campus coming up a few miles from our present location in a distant isle off the Hitech City. I wrote ..

Self Made Man

Our New locale reminds me of Bobbie Carlyle’s ‘Self-made man’,
a statue I greatly admire and a principle I strongly believe in.
“…left to his own devices, man will
use his God-given talents to be
creative, productive, and prosperous.
Using free will, he will better his own
situation and that of those around
him, thereby influencing in a positive
way his own destiny…”

(Source: Self Made Man


While I was penning this I had a fair amount of idea how out-of box and non stereotype was it by nature. And by virtue of being this what would be the reaction spectrum spread. The feedback was quite interesting and deserving an analysis. Without going into the exact numbers, I got something close to 80% of people with little or no reaction, 15 % who liked it and the rest 5 % who thought it was not credible in nature (for various reasons including overtures of plagiarism to OTHT (Over the head Transmission), the later meaning being made overly complicated for no healthy cause.

But what it usefully did, is that it did set me thinking about my priorities in life. Coupled with that, was the sincere, well meant but meaningless suggestion that I should get down to doing something more ‘meaningful’ than just scribbling gibberish in Blogs, (Blogs ?? Now, do I know what that is ?). My call is that this suggestion is meaningless not because of lack of appropriety, but because a compulsive talker like me, would feel strangulated without expressing myself.
Now, when I analyse what I said just now about my helplessness regarding my compulsive and obsessive behaviour and the philosophy of the Self made Man the contradiction is too stark to ignore. I DO HAVE A CHOICE. We always have a choice!

Needless to say, I have taken up something to read: “Loosing my Virginity, An Autobiographical account by Richard Branson”, something most B-School grads are forbidden to read. And since I am anyways not making it to B-School this year this became my first choice!

Loosing My Virginity

I have just finished reading what would be something like 25 pages and already “Connecting the Dots” principle is comming alive in my mind. It all makes sense if you look at it this way that life is too short and too uncertain to plan and live according to some set frame of ideas, rules or notions. Most importantly, its only ONE LIFE that we get, so take all your chances, do all the things that you always wanted to do, chuck those that you never got to like, and the best time to start this practise is RIGHT NOW. I have come to believe that the greatest defeat or the fallacy or the Cardinal SIN of the Indian Education system is the Conformist attitude that it breeds and inculcates from a very tender age. Tender age is the time when one should be taught to follow one’s Dream however weird and beserk they are afterall they are something that are very very intimate, Truly OURS, our’s to believe, our’s to build upon.
A Conformist attitude nips this right in the budding stages and thereby kills any Enterpreneureal zeal that might have had its roots. No wonder that India is growing into a SERVICE based economy, we are too traditionlist, Single track minded in approach, averse to try out something else, Think out of the Box.I keep recollecting these lines :
“Nothing makes your life more complicated than waking up in the morning and not feeling like going about the rest of your day. When this Happens, its a clear indication, Its time for a change.”


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