Cogito ergo sum

Posted: February 24, 2006 in Introspection, Philosophy


Cogito, ergo sum” (Latin for “I am thinking, therefore I exist”)
is a philosophical statement made by René Descarte

Rene is considered the father of modern philosophy, and not without suffecient reason.
In the past couple of days I have been in absolute doldrums. Life seems rather surreal and unreal at times. Alive and kicking at one day and inexistent on the next. The problem as I see it is largely a problem of choice. Choice it seems are delivered in ‘Quanta’ or packets, always some or none. Either there is dearth of them or a flood of them.Faced with multiple options, often credible in their own right to justify indulgence, we are required to implement prioritizationof objectives. It is in ithis process of determining pririties that we have to make our choices, implement some tradeoffs, gamble with our cards, play on our luck, & make our sacrifices. All these require us to one thing the most : think.

On one hand there is the easy way out, the road travelled and travelled again, quite an easy recipie for an instant two minute noodles. On the other there is the road less taken, the one meandering through the foothills and valleys in through your dreams. The road often to be taken is the one of compromise between them both. A textbook “Follow your dreams” approach often simplifies to an extent of Over simplification the complexities and uncertainitiesx of life. While I totally agree on “One Life” and hence the ensuing “”Live it to its Full” comcept, a typical manegeiral approach would involve having a credible backup plan in place, as a measure of contingency. Just if things don’t go well.

Someone recommended me today to “Get More Focussed” in terms of not straying down various career options just for the heck of it. The uncanny irony in the situation is the fact that my critical assessment or SWOT analysis reveals the opposite. the thing I probably need to do right now is to get discharged a bit, just cool down and relax. Planning and preparing are really taking a toll especially with excesses in that area hampering the prospects of me making the best of any situation then and there.

Have already begun evaluating other options, many actually, in fact too mant to tell the truth. Need to funnel in in to a select few on them and progree on them diligently with a horses’ blinkers attached to avoid any further distraction.

Meanwhile, Manu Sharma, the Killer of Jessica lal is back on the streets roaming scot free thanks to the tireless working of Delhi Police. I have believed often that people like Bina Ramani and her daughter, suffering from compulsive party disorder need to be critically monitored for anti-social activities. the ‘high society’ indeed gets its ‘high’ by often commiting acts which are blasphemously anti civilisational in natur. Like wise most yadavs whether it it La’loo prasad Yadav or D.P.Yadav should be boundary limited to their cattle farms and its cattle sheds. They are seldom worth of a penny more. The supreme court has infact reprobated the police for a apparent disinclination to prosecute the accused.

With Salman khan hit & run, Black buck case, Tandoor murder case & now the Jessica Lal murder case an increasing trend is visible. that of legal system thoroughly incapacitated by corrupt officials in general and police and the judicial bench in particular. The result is that the crimnals are having a home run. Would be tragic to se the majunathan Shanmugam case head the same destination.To contribute our two bits on this issue lets go here and do our part for this brave soul.

Ending as usual with Calvin:.



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