Hitech City, Hyderabad: At A Glance

Posted: February 26, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts, Gibberish Blabber, Photos

Hitech City A Place which has been my home for exactly two years now deserves a special mention. Its the poster-boy for the devellopment that has for some time now envelloped this sleeping pair of Twin Cities: Secunderabad & Hyderabad. Before we start off on a photo journey around this little ‘silicon island’ I would recommend that this little introduction about it be first read. Now, once we are off with that, lets proceed to the photo journey.

Comming first is the foster poster boy of the Hyderabad Government. This is Cyber Gateway, home to among others Dell, GE, HSBC, Accenture, Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft & Nipuna.

Cyber Gateway

If the Question you are having is the word ‘Foster’ then the answer is simple. This is second only to the Cyber Towers the first building in this whole area, the brainchild of Chandrababu Naidu. I have dropped it from my list because it has become so hackneyed that it surfaces on the viewers mind the moment someone mentions Hitech City. The Fact remains that Hitech City contains a whole lot more than that one building. Proceeding in the same road you get Tata Conultancy Services, Deccan Park, without doubt one of the most eye-catchy building in the whole area. Set in Brick red and cylindrical in shape this commands a majestic presence in the hitech city road.
Tata Consultancy Services

Right opposite the road is the latest in the triology of (Cyber Towers, Cyber Gateway & Cyber Pearl). All of these are building owned by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and leased to MNC’s for their operations. Each of these sported the latest in technology when they were built. Cyber Pearl houses among others Keane, GE, Nipuna, IBM, HSBC & ICICI
Cyber Pearl

The road that forms the spinal chord connecting all these buildings within a 2 KM range is wonderfully built and nicely maintained. Currently we are traversing in this same road in our jouney

Road  leading in

Comming next is the nice and petite building of VSNL. While being prim and proper in buildup, its truly no match for its bigger brother TCS Deccan Park. So I have instead focussed on the more attractive aspect of that. It houses three goliatian sized Dish Antennas probably acting as a Gateway or simply as a communicational Equipment. The cause let aside, they are breathtaking to look at and really catch attention with their Sky facing profile.
VSNL Satellite Dish

This Area wall a Rocy place and hence the view from any of the well located software companies would comprise of such scenic beauty. Note thet apparent balanced composition of the scene, with the small rock all ready to roll off the bid boulder, but yet lazily gazing at the sky, as if in perfect peace with itself

Natural Rocks Facing the Cemented Rocks ( Buildings of S/W Firms)

Comming to JVP. A Building that hosts three companies Kanbay, EIQ Networks & Agami Solutions with Kanbay taking 90% of the volume pie. But with the sparkling new Campus comming up beside Microsoft, Wipro and ISB, Kanbay would soon be moving out of this cramped location . What sticks out in this picture is the awkward color combination and the littered spread of ‘windows in the wall’. If that did stick out like a sore thumb, let meexplain. the color combination and the arrangement of windows is in keeping with the laws of Feng-Shui. Apparently the owner of this building, Jai Prakash Reddy, is quite a believer in these arts. Quite interesting, considering that , he is an NRI Returned businessman who started a company by EIQ Networks, built a good building to house about 1000 odd people and now draws his main revenue out of renting his premises to large and growing companies like KANBAY. EIQ has a total strength of around 35 people now!


Descriptions about hitech city would hardly be complete without describing the informative and endlessly entertaining inscriptions and advertisings on the numerous rocks along the way. Whether it is Working Men’s Hostel or Women’s Deluxe Hostel or Chinese Chowmien or Punjaabi Dhaba or finally Puncture Repair Shops. These perform the incredulous role of bringing isolated instances of smiles on the faces of the numerous Software labourers toiling in and out of these factories, especially with the creative use of Language and the innovative marketing approahes. I emphasise the later because one look at the pictire below and all would be able to identify the spelling mistake in the writeup, but few would be able to appreciate the innovative Out of the Box approach of painting the message on discarded tyres. All this by an uneducated ‘unskilled’ labourer earning some meager 25 – 50 Rs. per day!
Interesting Advertisement

There are three others things that I would probably leave for the next post, Raheja Mind Space housing IBM, Accenture, CSC, Oracle, Amazon, Qualcomm & Bank of America. Then there is Ascendas Vannenburg IT Park housing Computer Associated, Accenture, Invensys & BAAN. Finally there are newly built buildings of GOOGLE, DELL & Deloitte. I would leave these for the next post as they too would require an equally elaborate writeup from my end and also for the simple matter that these are more like the trendsetters in the HITECH CITY.

See many more photos of Hitech city here.

  1. Sun Bow says:

    Nice writeup on Hitech city. appreciate if you can add a layout plan and some information on other structures like hospital, malls etc in vicinity.



  2. Cheetos says:

    Layout Plan, though very much nescessary would be difficult to provide considering the topography changes litterally overnight here 🙂 Malls are not present in the vicinity, but you have some very good departmental stores about 2 – 3 kms distance. There are two hospitals inside the Hitech city, Image & Vikram, but frankly count on it only during emergencies and for first aid. Let me know if you have any more specific querries

  3. Kavitha says:

    I feel some more new clippings about budding companies need to be put up.

  4. ankush says:

    hey cheetos…
    thanks man.. no website had such details as ur post.. i’m from chandigarh and am coming to hyderabad in KEANE at cyber pearl around july end. could you help me .. i need some accomodation so some good hostels or guest houses around cyber pearls??.. and how far is it from gachibowli…

  5. vijay says:

    I wondered after visiting this site .it would be good if the list of companies mentioned which are locted in madhapur with clear information about companies

  6. sandeep says:

    it’s reallu a very good guide.I could get a very good overview of HITECHCITY.I fell it would be better if u could list all the IT/SOFTWARE companies in ur website. Thanks a lot.

  7. Cheetos says:

    I am sorry, though a lot of people have asked for a ‘comprehensive listing’ of companies situated here in Hitech City, it would indeed be very difficult to provide. Firstly because I no longer reside ther and more importantly because the companies afe far too many in number and their engagements are ever changing. Kanbay has moved out to its parkling new campus at Gachibowli and has already been bought over by CapGemini.

    Some other information which has been requested for is provided below
    1) Gachibowli is about 13 Kms from Hitech city. Shared autos are available in over abundance. Though not supremely comfortable they are very much usableabd charge a somewhat reasonable Rs.15-20
    2) The accomodation facilities in Madhapur (or Hitech City) is not very well developed. I have a very good reason to believe that they are overpriced and sub-standard.
    3) Short term accomodation facilitty is abundant in the form of working men/women’s hostels. These are optimum for a period of stay of 1-3 months.
    4) Food is a problem, as the facilities in Hitech city cater to the two extremes. Either they are upmarket suave restaurants or they are the below standard ‘Andhra Meal’ messes.
    5) Gachibowli has more reasonably priced houses but they are far flung from even these essentials of living like a grocery shops or chemists.
    6) Daily VOLVO bus service is Available from Hitech City to Bangalore /Pune/Shirdi and many other places. Of these the HYD-BLR is the one most in demand.

    Hope this could be of Help! 🙂

  8. Prashant says:

    cool page dude…keep writing

  9. Rjain says:


    Nice page, qiute disheartened to know about the hospitals. I am a physiotherapist, shifting to Gachibowli soon. It seems I am going to be out of work 😦

  10. Abhishesh Jaiswal says:

    The information given on this page is quite informative and it is quite helpfull for any of the person who is new to hitec city or hyderabad.

  11. Ram Mohan says:

    Ram Mohan from Dubai — Feb 01, 2007


    My name is Ram Mohan, I am from India, at present I am working for Emirates Bank in Dubai, I am very much enthusiastic to see Hi-Tech city MNC”s pic’s but your site has not updated with enoughf pic’s of all the companies, which has recently built. For Example.. HSBC, DELL, GOOGLE, DELOITTE and CONTINUUM SOLUTIONS, CSC, AMAZON, I hope after seeing this msg. your website would get updated.

  12. willingston says:

    Hi cheetos,

    I am from chennai (Madras) i’m joining deloitte in may 1st week so could you help me out how far from Hyderabad railway station and any rooms will be available near by hitchcity and cost of rooms.

  13. Cheetos says:

    @Willingston : Check the comment #7 on this post. I have posted all the information that I have.

  14. sri says:


    provided info is very nice. I want some other information if u know plz help . Is thera any company with name dcoder near to cts campus.If its there give me some details about tat plz i want it urgantly.


  15. Cheetos says:

    @ sri: I am no longer in Hitech City and so am oblivious to the changes in information there. I would hence unfortunately not be in a position to help you with the information!

  16. sharath says:

    hii guys
    this is sharath back and i need a accomidation in hitech city and i am working in hsbs.i will be very thankful if anyone could help me.
    thanking u all

  17. pinky says:

    HI friends
    this msg is to let u their r many buildings build in hitex
    and many compney has come into existence.like know nipuna which was a satyam comp know changed in satyam bpo etc………

  18. bjabdjhbdj says:

    Where is Accenture Company in this???…….If u can add up that it would be nice

  19. Saeed Hosseini says:

    We are a group of Iranian IT specialists (10-20 Persons) would like to visit Hi-tech City of Heydarbad.
    We are looking ap partner help us in this regards.

    Please Interested and qualified partner contact to:
    Email: ird@dibagroup.com
    Cell: 0098 913 252 0250;

    With Best wishes

  20. rajeev says:

    i want to get a good job in hitechciity

  21. raju says:

    where is sixsigma it company in the list? can u give me the information regarding this company plz make it fast

  22. Raju S.S.D. says:

    i want a good job & Accomodation in hyderabad as accountant. i working currently as accountant under Income Tax consultant in Mumbai.

    please send me contact no. 7 address of The related subject.

    thanking you.

  23. senthil balaji says:

    iam going to stay at naranguda i want to attend a seminar in hi tech city
    i want to know the distance between them and mode of transport

  24. jpg says:

    What are the important tourist sites in hi tech city. How far is it from
    journalist colony, jubilee hills to the hi tech city. Dell company u mentioned is it a showroom to book laptops or what ? what about the shopers stop at hi tech city ? where and how far from where I stay.
    Where to the buses stop at coming from Goa ie. paulo travels coming from goa to hyderabad heard they stop at nala nagar how far is that from the journalist colony ? from hyderabad to go to mumbai where and the name of the bus stand closest to my place and the tel.no. if possible. thanks

  25. jaiho says:

    The bus that comes from Goa to hyderabad ie paulo travels where does it stop closest to the journalist colony jubilee hills or the apollo health city near bharti vidya school jubilee hills. from hyderabad how does one go the mumbai by bus the name of the place closest to the above and the tel. no. to book bus tkts to mumbai. website etc. please reply soon as i am planning to visit hyderabad in a few days time for a very short trip and then to mumbai, thanks

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