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Delhi Metro Rail

Posted: March 30, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber, Photos

For some, life is never without an unexpected twist or a bend ‘just around the! As I tossed myself lazily up from my bed, expecting a rather uncannily laid back day ahead, little did I know that surprises would spring up from the most trivial of things. Starting from my ride in the Delhi Metro, from Dwarka to Connaught Place, my first go at Delhi Metro, I in all my innocence was busy taking some snaps in my digital camera.

Station 1

Route Chart

Station Signboard

Attention Notice


It was all going well as long as I was doing this in the open air, but once inside the station, just when I pressed the shutter release button, three flicks of flash lit up the whole place. Immediately three cops came running to me with a shrill blow of whistle, and hauled me up. I was taken to a nearby booth where a lady straight out of the move ‘Bandit Queen’ stared me at my face and ask me to hand over my digicam. My warning bells began to ring and I immediately protested saying that nowhere was it written that photography was prohibited. The lady gave a sly & obnoxious smile and pointed to a huge board right behind her back where it was written in very small font that among other things photography is in the banned list. I realized the futility of trying to explain the pointlessness of this information board especially when writings on it were so unintelligibly small and when it was placed so strategically that it would not be visible to even the most prying of eyes.

Metro Train

Inside View 1

Inside View 2

I instead took the time tested ‘senti’ route; I have seen that when done when the act actually hits home run in even the most desolate of circumstances. I took the line of being an outsider and visiting the Delhi Metro, the nation’s latest pride, and one of the newest additions to the numerous tourist attractions of Delhi. I was intrinsically trying to make them feel good and important of being the ‘guardians’ of such a famous thing. The ‘Feel good Factor’ finally set in even in those bunch of hard hearted weather beaten cops, and they reluctantly let me go with a stern warning that if caught next time I would have to face dire consequences!

This is something that’s quite characteristic of New Delhi, as much as its famous bird-watching locales, it teaches you to negotiate and talk yourself out of the most sticky of pitches, in turn teaching critical lessons of man management and interpersonal communication skills. Little wonder then that Delhi folks are normally pretty much adept when it comes to giving lengthy voluminous vocal discourses and rambling in the work place


Things on my agenda with the status on the Bracket

  1. Check out the Delhi Metro (Done: Was Floured by it. Looked Superb, Felt even better!Tried taking snaps, Got reprobated by Cops and almost ended up paying a huge fine! More on it on a seperate Dedicated post)
  2. Hit out at Connaught Place with Friends (Partially Done: Most Friends out of town. checked out the shops selling stuffs; both fancy and itherwise. Puchased couple of things, my favourite among them was a classy Backpack)
  3. Check out Akshardham Swaminarayan Temple (Done: Completely floored by it :O . I was left speechless at the end of it. Unofrtunately Camera were not allowed, so couldn’t take snaps. Will write a much more detailed account later)
  4. Visit Kanpur and in the process take a ride in Shatabdi Express. (Done: the looks were astonishingly modern and very much state of the art. Checked the alstorm logo and instantly remembered my Rommie’s proud smile on being a part of Alstorm Family 😀 )
  5. Check out the handful of Cinema Multiplexes in Kanpur (On the Agenda: Yet to be done)
  6. Visit India Habitat Center  and get to see some cultural functions on a VIP pass! 😉 (On the cards: Not yet done)

More on all these later.

Blog writing becomes even more cumbersome with the onset of Home going season. Don’t know when I’ll be actually posting this blog, but I am typing this sitting in the airport waiting lounge, thanks to a one hour delay of my flight.

Quite a few things happened which just re-enforced my belief that just when you begin to think that you got all the things all nicely planned out life kicks you straight at your face to remind you who’s the boss. After a prolonged stretch of belief that this year was another one of those ‘Rough Patches’ that everybody encounters in his or her life, things just began to look up.

I was enveloped with an unreasoned hope that my quest for admission into a top end B-School would not go down the drain. No particular reason, just the gut feeling (that reminds me, do read up ‘Straight from the Gut’ if you get a chance; interesting read). Also made some new friends in this short span, by pure co-incidence, another feather in the cap of the belief that whatever happens, happens for good

In my short stint for over two years (i.e. 3 seasons) this was the first time I had a nice Holi. Went to the nearest Birla Temple, tossed colors at friends with rejuvenated enthusiasm after getting drenched myself and finally ended the day with the movie ‘Maalamaal Weekly’ with a special friend. Incidentally, this was also the time when we bid the final Adieu to ‘D’, my previous roomie and by this time a dear friend (to read more about him see my previous blog).  Birla temple which is located just next to a beautiful Hussain Sagar, is a nicely built temple, with milk white marble and intricate carvings. The white marble surface becomes scorching hot in the afternoon and the way up the unending stairs becomes nothing less than arduous. However, the incompetency of the Birla corporate house, if at all it can be called so, doesn’t really show up here as they  put up a good impression with the impeccable maintenance of its temples.


So what is this blog about? Well in a word you could call it ‘Gibberish’, just musings as I sit here waiting for the clock to tick, the aircraft to board and me to reach the destination and get to meet my hometown, my Delhi. I had thought that laptop would come in handy, and I can see how correct I was.

 A funny thing happened yesterday, CTS crossed the billion $ mark and as a mark of appreciation and gratitude gave an IPOD Video to all employees who’ve spent about a year there. This started fumes all around my office, as much as my company takes pride in being higher up in the value chain than CTS, all it has offered till now are only some boring Tee’s and a silly coffee mug. One of our senior Vice-Presidents on the insistence by my project manager has promised to take it up at the ‘highest level’.

On a more profane impact level, it immediately put my plans for purchasing a Motorola V3i on hold as now I am on the scout for some bugged up sorry soul who would readily exchange his Company Gift for a rather descent sum of money. Had a minor dispute with my roomie, ‘S’ regarding this, while he was of the opinion that this was tad bit unethical, I saw perfectly nothing wrong in this act. After all, I would do the same if one fine day my company decides to celebrate corner’its exponential growth run with a PS2 to all associates, as I hardly would find that of any use to me. Anyways the boom box right next to me has just announced that we are required to go for Security checks, so will stall this post here.

Memorable New Friend

Posted: March 11, 2006 in Introspection, Philosophy

Some people have that uncanny abiliy of striking an instant rapport. Not many of these exist. Even fewer of them have the calibre of building on the initial headstart for a rock solid and lasting friedship. This post is about one such guy, Call him D. Haven’t known him for more than 45 days, i.e when he moved in our apartment to fill in the slot of one of our rommies who had moved out(G). D came across a classified in a forum for available accomodation, posted by my other roomie (S). D had a rustic look and an earthly taste about him. Apart from that he had that impeccable village-type simplicity, which brings about a revolutionary sense of peace in most people. When I saw him for the first time, though I did not anticipate that I would begin to like and admire him so much within such a short time, I figured out he would probably not be as much of a pest, as the person whose place he was taking in our house, G. G was in all sense a true blue blood pest. He had all the elements in place. Could truly ‘PISS OFF’ even the most disciplined of Sadhus, we were still materialistic ‘maaya’ ridden earthly software devellopers. 🙂 Withinn a very short period of time D displaying a genuine concern for othes, a broad mind and a healthy and caring attitude hit-out with S and Me. Soon we were having a seamless smooth sailing. Days were just breezing by.

Today, he left, for greener pastures with a new company, at a new location. And yet, what he leaves back is a sweet and frangrant after-taste, a breath of fresh air, just the feeling that a peppermint leaves on your mouth the first couple of minutes after its consumption. I know with time, he will slowly and steadily be cornered from our minds, afterall my two years in professional life has indeed taught me that “Out of sight IS out of Mind”. Hence I put in hold my other pressing matters to pen down some learnings and experinces from my this NEW Friend. ( He will still be every much present if and when either of us, he or me, needing each others assistance..)
From him I learned that small sacrifices indeed go a big way to win friends. Showing genuine concern for others and caring for others elicits more than reciprocating response from the other end, thereby drammatically changing a hostile or an unfriendly environment by sowing the seeds of trust and confidence. I also learned that B-Schools invariaby miss out on the most powerful weapon to win friends. ‘Humility’, this is one quality which eludes a magnetic attraction and pierces through the tiers of hierarchy that might exist. With over 8 years of experience in the highly niche area of device and peripheral interfacing sofware and drivers, he was the prize catch in the sotware industry. And yet meeting him, you would invariably mistake him for the numerous jobless youth, doing training at various ‘Garadge’ training centers and fighting to get a job, to do something somewhere, whatever be it.
Now all of these come at no price, or at most at the cost of minor inconvenience to self. Is it worth it, A Million/Billion Dollar Question ! Well if you ask me, it depends. Depends on the scenario and depends on what you consider worthwhile. D won a lasting friend in me, with those small actions and those small gestures, and at the cost of sounding boorish I might add that most people find me very resourceful and indespensible as a friend, thanks to my inter-personal skills and my extensive network of friends.

Networking’ is the new power mantra of the corporate world. All the parties, seminars and symposiums are almost built on this single point agenda of building a network which could later on prove instrumental in building inroads for a lasting business relationship. So much money, resources and effort spent in order to get new acquaintances and build on relationships, what a pity would it be to loose opportunities to build this networks with people whose paths accidentally cross our lives. For one, D with his immense device driver experience working for Microsoft, would be a ready approach to me, if at sometime I want some inroads to Microsoft or to the highly Firewalled world of Core Device Firmware/Software Devellopers.

Attached Below: (L to R) Me and D

Me and D

Rain Rain Go Away ..

Posted: March 8, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber, Photos

Rain, rain, go away.
Come again some other day.
Little Cheetos wants to play,
In the meadow by the hay.

Rain Clouds 2

With thick Black Clouds Hovering in and around Hyderabad,

Rain Clouds 1

gifting us bouts of rains, which assiduously Drech us from toe to tip of the hair, there is very little outside activity to be done. So all day, as we return from office, hoping that the Rain Gods will have 'merci' at least till we drop down at home, we just sit and stare at the clouds. I for one enjoy the serenity their view affords to a "Rat-Race-Participant" like me. I love getting wet, I like sitting tight while others run helter-skelter in search of shade.

Enjoying Rains

This is me sitting at the terrace of our apartment, notice the commanding presence of the Hitech City Cyber Towers and the clouds on top of that. It appears as though the clouds form the Halo-Ring for it, giving hope to all the distraught Software Devellopers, that there is still life and it will still go on. Doesn't matter the Dliverables, the Deadlines, the Night-outs, the Coffee mugs Stains, the Client Walkthroughs and the unending Conferences and Meetings. Life will still give another chance, a fresh new start, in which you might not be able to undo all the wrong done before; but you will certainly have the ability and the power to set forth to do something right, something corrective, something promising and something hopeful.

Reminds me of the Bengali Proverb, "More dark the Night be, More Colorful shall be the Dawn"

Crying over Spilt Milk

Posted: March 5, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

Spilt Milk

Literally, its been some time since I wondered what’s with me, boiling milk and not spilling it over !! 😮
How come I never manage to make it.
Another item added to the list of questions which bug me the most and yet I know that the answers to them will almost certainly elude me for ever!
I always feel as ugly and as awful as the picture above whenever the lapse of a nano/pio second causes the milk to spill all over and mess everything around.
Reminds me of murphy’s laws, “When something can go wrong, it will” & “When nothing can go wrong, something will” !