Rain Rain Go Away ..

Posted: March 8, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber, Photos

Rain, rain, go away.
Come again some other day.
Little Cheetos wants to play,
In the meadow by the hay.

Rain Clouds 2

With thick Black Clouds Hovering in and around Hyderabad,

Rain Clouds 1

gifting us bouts of rains, which assiduously Drech us from toe to tip of the hair, there is very little outside activity to be done. So all day, as we return from office, hoping that the Rain Gods will have 'merci' at least till we drop down at home, we just sit and stare at the clouds. I for one enjoy the serenity their view affords to a "Rat-Race-Participant" like me. I love getting wet, I like sitting tight while others run helter-skelter in search of shade.

Enjoying Rains

This is me sitting at the terrace of our apartment, notice the commanding presence of the Hitech City Cyber Towers and the clouds on top of that. It appears as though the clouds form the Halo-Ring for it, giving hope to all the distraught Software Devellopers, that there is still life and it will still go on. Doesn't matter the Dliverables, the Deadlines, the Night-outs, the Coffee mugs Stains, the Client Walkthroughs and the unending Conferences and Meetings. Life will still give another chance, a fresh new start, in which you might not be able to undo all the wrong done before; but you will certainly have the ability and the power to set forth to do something right, something corrective, something promising and something hopeful.

Reminds me of the Bengali Proverb, "More dark the Night be, More Colorful shall be the Dawn"


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