Memorable New Friend

Posted: March 11, 2006 in Introspection, Philosophy

Some people have that uncanny abiliy of striking an instant rapport. Not many of these exist. Even fewer of them have the calibre of building on the initial headstart for a rock solid and lasting friedship. This post is about one such guy, Call him D. Haven’t known him for more than 45 days, i.e when he moved in our apartment to fill in the slot of one of our rommies who had moved out(G). D came across a classified in a forum for available accomodation, posted by my other roomie (S). D had a rustic look and an earthly taste about him. Apart from that he had that impeccable village-type simplicity, which brings about a revolutionary sense of peace in most people. When I saw him for the first time, though I did not anticipate that I would begin to like and admire him so much within such a short time, I figured out he would probably not be as much of a pest, as the person whose place he was taking in our house, G. G was in all sense a true blue blood pest. He had all the elements in place. Could truly ‘PISS OFF’ even the most disciplined of Sadhus, we were still materialistic ‘maaya’ ridden earthly software devellopers. 🙂 Withinn a very short period of time D displaying a genuine concern for othes, a broad mind and a healthy and caring attitude hit-out with S and Me. Soon we were having a seamless smooth sailing. Days were just breezing by.

Today, he left, for greener pastures with a new company, at a new location. And yet, what he leaves back is a sweet and frangrant after-taste, a breath of fresh air, just the feeling that a peppermint leaves on your mouth the first couple of minutes after its consumption. I know with time, he will slowly and steadily be cornered from our minds, afterall my two years in professional life has indeed taught me that “Out of sight IS out of Mind”. Hence I put in hold my other pressing matters to pen down some learnings and experinces from my this NEW Friend. ( He will still be every much present if and when either of us, he or me, needing each others assistance..)
From him I learned that small sacrifices indeed go a big way to win friends. Showing genuine concern for others and caring for others elicits more than reciprocating response from the other end, thereby drammatically changing a hostile or an unfriendly environment by sowing the seeds of trust and confidence. I also learned that B-Schools invariaby miss out on the most powerful weapon to win friends. ‘Humility’, this is one quality which eludes a magnetic attraction and pierces through the tiers of hierarchy that might exist. With over 8 years of experience in the highly niche area of device and peripheral interfacing sofware and drivers, he was the prize catch in the sotware industry. And yet meeting him, you would invariably mistake him for the numerous jobless youth, doing training at various ‘Garadge’ training centers and fighting to get a job, to do something somewhere, whatever be it.
Now all of these come at no price, or at most at the cost of minor inconvenience to self. Is it worth it, A Million/Billion Dollar Question ! Well if you ask me, it depends. Depends on the scenario and depends on what you consider worthwhile. D won a lasting friend in me, with those small actions and those small gestures, and at the cost of sounding boorish I might add that most people find me very resourceful and indespensible as a friend, thanks to my inter-personal skills and my extensive network of friends.

Networking’ is the new power mantra of the corporate world. All the parties, seminars and symposiums are almost built on this single point agenda of building a network which could later on prove instrumental in building inroads for a lasting business relationship. So much money, resources and effort spent in order to get new acquaintances and build on relationships, what a pity would it be to loose opportunities to build this networks with people whose paths accidentally cross our lives. For one, D with his immense device driver experience working for Microsoft, would be a ready approach to me, if at sometime I want some inroads to Microsoft or to the highly Firewalled world of Core Device Firmware/Software Devellopers.

Attached Below: (L to R) Me and D

Me and D


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