Waiting in the Lounge at HYD Airport enroute to Delhi

Posted: March 17, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts

Blog writing becomes even more cumbersome with the onset of Home going season. Don’t know when I’ll be actually posting this blog, but I am typing this sitting in the airport waiting lounge, thanks to a one hour delay of my flight.

Quite a few things happened which just re-enforced my belief that just when you begin to think that you got all the things all nicely planned out life kicks you straight at your face to remind you who’s the boss. After a prolonged stretch of belief that this year was another one of those ‘Rough Patches’ that everybody encounters in his or her life, things just began to look up.

I was enveloped with an unreasoned hope that my quest for admission into a top end B-School would not go down the drain. No particular reason, just the gut feeling (that reminds me, do read up ‘Straight from the Gut’ if you get a chance; interesting read). Also made some new friends in this short span, by pure co-incidence, another feather in the cap of the belief that whatever happens, happens for good

In my short stint for over two years (i.e. 3 seasons) this was the first time I had a nice Holi. Went to the nearest Birla Temple, tossed colors at friends with rejuvenated enthusiasm after getting drenched myself and finally ended the day with the movie ‘Maalamaal Weekly’ with a special friend. Incidentally, this was also the time when we bid the final Adieu to ‘D’, my previous roomie and by this time a dear friend (to read more about him see my previous blog).  Birla temple which is located just next to a beautiful Hussain Sagar, is a nicely built temple, with milk white marble and intricate carvings. The white marble surface becomes scorching hot in the afternoon and the way up the unending stairs becomes nothing less than arduous. However, the incompetency of the Birla corporate house, if at all it can be called so, doesn’t really show up here as they  put up a good impression with the impeccable maintenance of its temples.


So what is this blog about? Well in a word you could call it ‘Gibberish’, just musings as I sit here waiting for the clock to tick, the aircraft to board and me to reach the destination and get to meet my hometown, my Delhi. I had thought that laptop would come in handy, and I can see how correct I was.

 A funny thing happened yesterday, CTS crossed the billion $ mark and as a mark of appreciation and gratitude gave an IPOD Video to all employees who’ve spent about a year there. This started fumes all around my office, as much as my company takes pride in being higher up in the value chain than CTS, all it has offered till now are only some boring Tee’s and a silly coffee mug. One of our senior Vice-Presidents on the insistence by my project manager has promised to take it up at the ‘highest level’.

On a more profane impact level, it immediately put my plans for purchasing a Motorola V3i on hold as now I am on the scout for some bugged up sorry soul who would readily exchange his Company Gift for a rather descent sum of money. Had a minor dispute with my roomie, ‘S’ regarding this, while he was of the opinion that this was tad bit unethical, I saw perfectly nothing wrong in this act. After all, I would do the same if one fine day my company decides to celebrate corner’its exponential growth run with a PS2 to all associates, as I hardly would find that of any use to me. Anyways the boom box right next to me has just announced that we are required to go for Security checks, so will stall this post here.


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