My Delhi Tour, on a week away from work

Posted: March 22, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

Things on my agenda with the status on the Bracket

  1. Check out the Delhi Metro (Done: Was Floured by it. Looked Superb, Felt even better!Tried taking snaps, Got reprobated by Cops and almost ended up paying a huge fine! More on it on a seperate Dedicated post)
  2. Hit out at Connaught Place with Friends (Partially Done: Most Friends out of town. checked out the shops selling stuffs; both fancy and itherwise. Puchased couple of things, my favourite among them was a classy Backpack)
  3. Check out Akshardham Swaminarayan Temple (Done: Completely floored by it :O . I was left speechless at the end of it. Unofrtunately Camera were not allowed, so couldn’t take snaps. Will write a much more detailed account later)
  4. Visit Kanpur and in the process take a ride in Shatabdi Express. (Done: the looks were astonishingly modern and very much state of the art. Checked the alstorm logo and instantly remembered my Rommie’s proud smile on being a part of Alstorm Family 😀 )
  5. Check out the handful of Cinema Multiplexes in Kanpur (On the Agenda: Yet to be done)
  6. Visit India Habitat Center  and get to see some cultural functions on a VIP pass! 😉 (On the cards: Not yet done)

More on all these later.


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