Delhi Metro Rail

Posted: March 30, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber, Photos

For some, life is never without an unexpected twist or a bend ‘just around the! As I tossed myself lazily up from my bed, expecting a rather uncannily laid back day ahead, little did I know that surprises would spring up from the most trivial of things. Starting from my ride in the Delhi Metro, from Dwarka to Connaught Place, my first go at Delhi Metro, I in all my innocence was busy taking some snaps in my digital camera.

Station 1

Route Chart

Station Signboard

Attention Notice


It was all going well as long as I was doing this in the open air, but once inside the station, just when I pressed the shutter release button, three flicks of flash lit up the whole place. Immediately three cops came running to me with a shrill blow of whistle, and hauled me up. I was taken to a nearby booth where a lady straight out of the move ‘Bandit Queen’ stared me at my face and ask me to hand over my digicam. My warning bells began to ring and I immediately protested saying that nowhere was it written that photography was prohibited. The lady gave a sly & obnoxious smile and pointed to a huge board right behind her back where it was written in very small font that among other things photography is in the banned list. I realized the futility of trying to explain the pointlessness of this information board especially when writings on it were so unintelligibly small and when it was placed so strategically that it would not be visible to even the most prying of eyes.

Metro Train

Inside View 1

Inside View 2

I instead took the time tested ‘senti’ route; I have seen that when done when the act actually hits home run in even the most desolate of circumstances. I took the line of being an outsider and visiting the Delhi Metro, the nation’s latest pride, and one of the newest additions to the numerous tourist attractions of Delhi. I was intrinsically trying to make them feel good and important of being the ‘guardians’ of such a famous thing. The ‘Feel good Factor’ finally set in even in those bunch of hard hearted weather beaten cops, and they reluctantly let me go with a stern warning that if caught next time I would have to face dire consequences!

This is something that’s quite characteristic of New Delhi, as much as its famous bird-watching locales, it teaches you to negotiate and talk yourself out of the most sticky of pitches, in turn teaching critical lessons of man management and interpersonal communication skills. Little wonder then that Delhi folks are normally pretty much adept when it comes to giving lengthy voluminous vocal discourses and rambling in the work place

  1. Wow!! what an experience on Delhi Metro. But I wish you would not have wasted rolls on clicking the Metro. And no, not in any way is it the pride of India. It is a deceiving way of showing infrastructural development in the city before Commonwealth Games. The truth remains hidden and will remain hidden till the Commonwealth Games. Though the Metro is making losses in consecutive years, no newspaper is making it a frontpage headline. Everything remains in a hush-hush envioroment till the Commonwealth Games. After that they will declare that Metro was a bad investment and when it will be time to buy new trains Metro will go in the Air India way.
    If you really want to know the true story of Metro, read my article at Merinews. Hare is the link:

  2. […] Don’t click pictures of government establishments (airport, railway station, vidhan sabha) without prior permission. If you have to, at least ensure no one’s watching. Not everyone is lucky like Suyog, or Cheetos. […]

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