Sikkim, Kolkata, Hitech City, IIM-Kozhikode

Posted: May 9, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts, Cheetos Exemplified, Photos, Travelogue

After the news came in that I made into IIM, Life has almost taken a somersault. I have become complacent and different to work. Days are spend touring the last of the unknown corners of the city.

And I have been enthusiastically pursuing my ‘wanderlust’. Places I have visited after the results are Goa, Pune, Matheran, Kolkata, Burdwan & Sikkim(Gangtok). The most picturesque of them has undoubtedly been Sikkim. After an overnight bus journey from Kolkata to Siliguri followed by a five hour back breaking ‘sumo ride’, we finally reached Gangtok for a three day stay program. The views and the experience it presented was truly worth the pains.

The detailed experience would tale some time to pen down so I would briefly put in some of the things we did in those three days

· Day 1: Visit the downtown shopping complex, enjoy the food there. Look and observe the people and try and get a feel of their lives.

· Day 2: Take a tourist vehicle and visit Changhu Lake, Babaji’s Mandir , Nathula & View point. From view point get a pristine view of the Kanchenjunga and take some snaps.

· Day 3: Check out the ropeway which gives a beautiful arial view of the city, go to Rumtek Monastery

All this while we took some wonderful snaps, whether it was snow covered peaks, or lush green tea gardens spanning the whole view, sikkimese children trudging along the slopes on their way to/from the school, monks of all ages adolescents, youth, middle aged and elderly in their various times as they go through their refreshingly simple and piously puritan lifestyle.

Green hillsAt Changhu Lake

Snow Capped Mts.Kanchenjunga

Babaji's MandirAt Babaji's Mandir

Sometime it made me feel that the ‘concrete jungle’ and the ‘rat race’ that goes init has truly made us oblivious to happiness and peace of mind. Mind has indeed been numbed by the comforts it so desires to an extent such that it is no longer able to experience and appreciate the little joys of life.

Sleeping Monk boy Dharma Chakra

One of my most prized snaps is the one in which a small monk of about the age of 12 years is comfortable napping on the table of their co-operative cafeteria which serves surprisingly tasty Maggi at the very reasonable rate of Rs. 12 and plays popular hindi movie numbers. When he realize he wasa being shot he gave such a mesmerizing smile which I thought is probably extinct in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai or for that matter any metropolis. More of its snaps are present here.

Monks in MeetingRumtek interiors

Wat to Rumtek CompundRumtek Monastery

Buddha's Golden Statue

While in Kolkata, checked out the now wonderfully working Salt Lake City Center. Met with buddies, met my relations and gave a last long look at the city which some time had been my home for a fairly kingfish span.

Salt Lake City Center Salt Lake City Center

The past few days, lots of developments have taken place. I have put in my papers in my company and the travel plan has been finalized. So days are spent socializing with the friends with this rather lengthy two and a half years of involvement, cementing relationships, reinforcing bridges built of the days. Made some new friends during this span too. Took many friends out for a treat that they extorted me to give!

Been spending the last couple of days going to the handful of locales that I missed in Hyderabad. Went to Golconda fort with two friends, had a great time watching the sound and light show. Took some wonderful snaps of bats hanging upside down from the fort walls too! The past few mornings I keep wondering at the beauty of Hitch City, one place which has literally been my domain for quite some time now. I have walked in an out of this place ten times a day and yet remained oblivious to its inherent beauty. Now when time is near to bid adieu, I realize it was indeed one of the very few places of work of international standards; organized, maintained and commanding by its presence.

Last night, after doing a round of window shopping at Hyderabad Central, I capped my experience by watching an otherwise thoroughly avoidable movie “Darna Zaroori Hai” with a friend, just to bring back the experience the numerous weekends and some weekday evening that we spent lavishly wasting on the most ridiculous of movies!

Never really thought this would happen, although when I think in retrospect it was inevitable. As the day nears for me to bid adieu to this place, a bitter sweet feeling seems to engulf me. I have grown sort of attached to this place and the people with whom my life had been so closely entangled the past few years. Its as if a bondage which has grown, much to the lack of my knowledge!

  1. Nice pictures. I have now seen so many nice pictures of Sikkim that I must make it to that place in my next trip to India.

  2. viswanadh says:

    i have not studied u r message completly but i just scanned it .
    iam viswanath an mca student from jntu and i want to come to u r place for 2010 batch so i want to know about ur life @iim kozikode.
    by the way u r pictures are really good if u want me to contact please send u r mails to the below address.

  3. viswanadh says:


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