Departure of a Prospective Leader

Posted: May 13, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts, Management

On Friday, I witnessed another departure from my company, of a person having a lot of unused potential as a manager. Its some time now that lots of people are leaving shores from our company, almost all of them very high on the ability quotient. The unfortunate fact remains that the people coming on board are generally conspicuous by the lack of persona and of leadership skills or even potential.

The person who left yesterday, had been the manager second in command of my project in my organization. The project was by far the most important one running in my company, and he was a manager in it. But, he was only SECOND in command, a very distant second. Almost always overshadowed by a more dominating and a far less able individual whose sole claim to fame was his adeptness at keeping himself in the good books of the people who matter even in the best of times. This person who left, had been infamous in the project for being inefficient and ineffective. But my detailed analysis revealed the Ctach-22 of his state, He had almost all the responsibilities and no power. All the power was vested in the hands of the ‘Big One’. I once had a long and candid discussion with him, in which I had expressed my disarray at the red-tape and the almost sarkari bureaucracy; as the discussion went along he too started to open up and I got an insight in to his own level of frustration. The known fact was that he had started looking for ‘greener pastures’ for around a year now. This first came into light when one of the junior members of the team found him at a competing organization’s referral recruitment drive as a prospective candidate.

What really annoyed me was my discussions from a smart and cute lady who had newly come on board as an HR Personnel, in charge with checking the sky rocketing attrition rates. The lady kept harping about the sound management and the great environment our company had; and in the process drawing constant comparisons with her ex-employers who form among two of the biggest companies in the world. What I wanted to tell her, is that if nothing such big organizations have a penchant to sniff out potential for managerial acumen and go to great pains in protecting and incubating it to generate leaders who are much more than mere managers and are often in invigorating new life into an otherwise decadent system.

I also realized that in a big sinking ship in the corporate ones, often the first ones to run clean are the top brass. The past few months has seen many of the top management out of the blue leave the company, when outwardly everything seemed to be working in perfect shape. But over a period of time, the excessive co-incidence of such high profile departures started to stick out like sore thumbs to the discerning minds. I for one could see a definite pattern in the ‘stray’ departures. In fact after careful analysis and a bit of extrapolation, I have formed a theory, according to which I would be really surprised if some others from the top-brass do not soon follow suit in deserting the company. After all, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, and particularly so when the crown is one of thorns!!

Meanwhile I have spent some of my time the past few days very constructively with my friend Dip, trying to capture the beauty and essence of Hitech city on my camera. Should be posting some of those snaps sometime soon.

A thought to end this post with, "Everytime I found the key to success, someone switched the locks"  ~ Anonymous


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