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Posted: June 1, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

Lately been doing lots of things that I have wanted to do for sometime now. 

  • Went to see a dance drama at India Habitat Center by a team visiting from Bangladesh. Can’t say that it was something I really loved, but was an enjoyable experience all the same. The very interesting part of it was the dialect of the language Bengali spoken on that side of the border. Its similar and yet quite different from the one that we here are used to.

  • Checked out the latest Amir Khan Flick, “Fanaa” at one of the numerous multiplexes near my house. Must admit the difference in the experience was quite drastic from the ones I have had in HYD. The folks around here were far prettier and the sex ratio was highly skewed in favor of the ‘gentler’ ones. The ladies/ babes/ chicks, whatever would be the addressal of your choice, outnumbered the guys almost 4:1. It sure was a treat for the eyes. But that’s where the good part ends, the people, esp. the management and the staff were a lot ruder and lot less professional in their approach. The tickets were much more expensive, the hall a lot shabbier and way inferior ones to the ones I have seen in HYD. The snacks were atrociously priced with medium sized popcorn coming for 50 bucks and a large Pepsi coming for a hopping 100. I took a combo of these for a ‘fabulous’ price of 130! The movie in itself was average at best, better suiting Shah Rukh Khan than the more discerning Amir. Kajol, of course was spectacular as usual. (Keep wondering so many beauties of Bengali descent, Kajol, Rani, Diya Mirza, Riya, Raima, Reema, Bips, Koena & the list goes on and on .. how come I am still a loner !!)

  • Been reading stuff up lately. Read Jeffry Archer’s Quiver Full of Arrows, well not all the stories in it but the one which is my favorites, “Old Love”. This is one of the most superbly & hauntingly written account of two undergraduates in

    University in the thirties. A story of bitter rivalry, of measuring up, of matching next to neck of giving the other a run for his position and finally of unflinching and unfathomable love. A Must Read for anyone romantic in their beliefs and to anyone for whom love is something very true and something very Personal. Ending with the line that haunts long after you reach the end of the story and even after you have come over the craving to read the story once again for what is probably the nth time, “Legend has it that they were never apart for more than a few hours”

  • Speaking of  love stories, read another beautiful account of two lovers, one from Harvard and from a proverbially wealthy and hence aristocratic family,  the other from Radcliffe from a very humble and a very loving & close family. How the cupid strikes and how their lives change as they go through the difficult times in their life. I am talking of Love Story by Erich Segal. It’s a story that leaves you spellbound and dumbstruck as you go reading into the ostentatious display of loving reprobation by Jenny to his ‘Preppie’ boyfriend.
    [SPOILER ALERT !!] The story ends on a realistic but tragic note, with the demise of Jennifer due to Leukemia, but as that happens she melts the shell of the cocoon in the love between her father-in-law Oliver Barrett III and her beau & husband Oliver Barrett IV (or ‘Olie’ or Preppie’ as she preferred to call him). The story is touching to say the least. It makes one wonder if one shall ever be subjected to love of such intensity! Reminds me of the saying I read the other day on somebody’s email signature, “Do not feel sorry that it ended, be grateful that it ever happened”. Ending with the line from the book, which percolates deep down the soul of any reader who happens to have one, "Love means not ever having to say you’re Sorry.”

  • Been reading some technical stuff about the financial industry as a preparatory material for my MBA course later this month. Found out what the famed I-Banks do and what makes I-Bankers so obscenely paid. 

  • Catching up on ‘Bird Watching’ something for which
    Delhi provides more than ample scope. I have a steady and growing realization that the average prettiness factor is way higher than any of the other cities that I know of, with the possible exception of Mumbai which probably gives a credible fight. The thing that I dislike about Pune the most is the pretentiousness of its folks, most people, of both sexes are so beauty conscious, and at an age where they should be much more bothered about how and what they feel, they bear the overbearing burden of trying to figure out what the people around feel about them. Even with them roaming in their city with scarves wrapped like a gift-wrap of a birthday present, so as to make sure that the pollution does not tamper with their complexion, I truly found that they are absolutely NO MATCH for the chilled and flirtatious babes in

    Delhi. In fact I found that the ones in Pune are too girlish and hence more apt the tag of ‘Chicks’, they are not the ones who can be asked out impromptu or have fun with. The ones in

    Delhi are on the other hand hot and yet chilled, the famous “Fire & Ice” blend and hence perfectly fitting the attribution of being called ‘Babes’!

  • Food is nice here, with me relishing all home cooked food. Something which I sorely missed of being out of home for about seven years now. None of the up-market restaurants can ever measure up to ‘mom’s cooking’. I guess the difference lies not in the ingredients as such but in the feelings that go in preparing the meal.


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