World Cup Soccer and Backpacking

Posted: June 17, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts

Been watching the world cup for the past couple of days, at least when I am not tired enough to doze off at the stroke of midnight. But have to admit; somehow I seem to have developed antibodies for Soccer Fever. The fever refuses to grip me, slipping by every now and then. None of the Big League teams, namely Brazil, England, Germany and Argentina seemed to be impressive enough.
In fact the tables seem to have turned  this year, it’s the not-so-great teams which are stealing the thunder  by putting up a valiant fight. A fight worth enough of a loud round of applause even from the opposite team followers. Somewhere it seems that the sports-stars have lost way into the blinding world of demigod cults. The sportsman in them has been cornered and it’s the other aspects which have taken priority. The best example in this case is the fight that Poland put up against the home ground team and the favorites
Poland put up a fight which few could have believed was within their reach.Poland was never much of a match for the home ground favorites Germany, with its famous Blitzkrieg attacking strategy masterminded by none other than their Cup winning x-captain, Jurgen Klinsman. The repeated attacks however met stiff opposition from Polish side, with their goalkeeper Boruc making heroic saves to every occasional successful penetration of its defenders. This was in spite of the fact that at around 90th minute of play one of the polish defenders, Radoslaw Sobolewski got chucked out by a double
yellow card offence. The scores were nil-nil at the end of the allotted time of play and it was well into the extra time, with about one minute of play remaining that a German substitution paid dividends by pumping the ball into the nets in what seemed like a callous lack of defensive guarding by its defenders. Read more about it here. The hero of the day was definitely the Polish Goalkeeper, Boruc, who at the final whistle sat head in hands in his goal, before rousing himself to the applause of the seated crowd.
One could not help feel sorry for the Poles, as this defeat would mean them getting them eliminated from the further legs of the tournament. The Under Dogs had indeed given the Comfy pets a scare of their life!
Apart from that then, been busy getting prepared for my movement to IIM-Kozhikode this Sunday. It is going to be my first home for the next two years to come. So, Off to packing things really and in the bargain am ending up getting scolded almost every alternate minute by parents for being so disorderly 😛
 Packing Luggage, really, is a very Traumatic Experience :O Especially when you have a Weight constraint of 20 Kgs attached to it !!  😛  😀 Its really hurts to have to say ‘No’ to your favorite garbage so as to not end up paying extra luggage charges.
My next post will most certainly be from the Kampus of God’s Own IIM ! Hope to have an eventful and full of life two years at B-Skewl now that I finally get to have a taste of it 🙂

Good Luck Me !!


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