A Weekend at Last !

Posted: July 1, 2006 in MBA Ramblings
  1. Three Case studies down, finally inched to a weekend. The days just did not seem to pass, as we spent hours reading and re-reading the numerous pages in Harvard Business Review and other management journals; scouring the case for any facts that might lay hidden deep beneath the camouflage of words. Have begun to look at the nice, attractive and glam HBR’s in new light; that of reverance, respect and dread(a bit of it!) 😀IIMK Board

  2. Two parties attended and numerous other dropped out of! It is remarcably easy, even with the almost crucifying academic pressure to get sucked into the relentless festivities @ IIM. Keep reminding myself, “Knowledge is built on the EDIFICE of leisure”. Treasure hunt
  3. The one at the Hostel top given by the Hostel seniours really stood out. It went late into the early morning, challenging even the most spirited of us to squeeze out the hidden ounces of Energy! (Though the ‘spirts’ per say, were free flowing! 😀 We were even left with some to spare!). Was a Stormy experience to say the least. Got Baptised a normal IIM tradition in which your seniors baptise you with a ‘nick’ which will be your primary identity in the two years that you spent in IIM and beyond, as they formally welcome you to the IIM League! That’s where the ‘Vindi’ in HLL’s M.S.’Vindi’ Banga comes from. The party was very much appreciated, overfllowing it was with bon-homie and out-of-the box ideas of fun-filled activities.
  4. Already seem to be a veteran at the campus. Weekends seem so much dearer now. On weekdays, you might almost forget to breathe! Okay, now that’s an exaggeration, but yes to say that they are packed would be an understatement. Begun to look at all the MBA grads with more respect, now that I know how demanding the course can get.
    The sanity and absurdity of late-nights and the nescessity of ‘Kajra-Re’ playing in Sync. By three home theater systems connected to respective laptops, at the austere hour of 3:00 A.M, seems to slowly sink in! 😀 It’s a mode of communicating to the world that,’We are ALIVE’.
  5. Almost everyone seems ‘multifaceted’ and widely talented over here. A little deeper investigation however reveals a ‘Larger than Life’image. Its more like, wishful thinking, people live a live that they believe recruiters of big ticket firms would like them to live (they talk as they would like them to be heard and they ‘lead’ even when leadership is the last thing required :D), rather than being themselves. Somewhere deep inside I do believe that this is not something I would ever do myself, not for an I-bank and not for any Consults. Its One life I got and One life I’ll Live!
  6. The honeymoon period is finally over with my Laptop, as it unceremoniously conked off!Sending it to B’lore to its authorised service center, who just informed me that as the laptop was purchased from USA, all its parts will be shipped from there before its fitted to my baby. Even though they had the same parts for laptops sold in India, they would not put that in as it would cause them some inventory management problems! So the expected time of its return would be six weeks. It will thankfully cost me the courier charges along with infinite patience as it was covered by an International Carry-in waranty. I really do think TOSHIBA folks need some serious SCM on their systems.
    My dear friend RS has been a darling as he willingly took up the responsibility and the headahe to get things done at B’lore. Couldn’t thank him enough.
  7. Its raining almost every day, 18 hours a day over here. The lush pristine greenery has an immediate placading effect on my perturbed senses here.
  8. Staying awake in the class is posing to be a touch challenge for me. One moment I am wide awake and attentively listening to the Faculty, and the next instant the volume of the speech seems to go down, almost as if someone is turning down the volume of a music system; and Before you know it I am napping sitting in the Front Bench right in the center of the class 😀 The sensible faculty generally ignores such blasphemous conduct.
  9. The Library is terrific. They claim to have the best e-learning resources in the country. I take that myself with a pinch of salt, but the learning Management Establishment is truly breathtaking and state of the art.
    Library 1
    On an unconnected note, there are student managed ‘Stuff Servers’ which contain over 400 GBs of pure ‘Gold’! Whether it is movies or videos or SITCOMs or popular TV series or the ‘other’ stuff 😉 You name it and they got it! Downloaded and saw XMEN3 and a nice episode of FRIENDS from there. It was a sheer delight. Pity then, that you hardly get the time for any of that here!

That’s more like I can make myself to type right now, though I have loads to tell. Will keep it for Round-2 😉

P.S. : Time to shed some tears, ARGENTINA lost to the Deutsche guys!! 😦


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