IIMK Goes Dry

Posted: July 8, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

Booze Ban

Booze got formally Banned in Kampus. Not that it was ever allowed 😀 but you could find it free flowing in the numerous parties that took place every weekend ! With this comes an ADDON Clamp-on on all parties except the teeny-Meeny Birthday parties, which henceforth will need to be shorter than the shortest of Mini Skirts found in any Girl’s Wardrobe in the Kampus. How Dissapointing!! 😦

Not much of a drinker myself (Unless the ‘Drink’ is a Cold Coffee with Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream … Yummm !!), I did definitely enjoy the fun that used to take place with the folks all drunk and on a rampage 😀

Inscidently it was one such WILD Party that kicked up a ruckus and sparked off the DICKso ..oops DISCO (DISciplinary COmmittee) came into the picture and conked off this innocent fun too out of the worn lives of the students.

The students are visibly crest fallen, some of them at least, while others are red with rage. And all the rage gets usefully and skillfully directed to the batch that caused it all .. “Yours Truly” 😀

To add to the injury is the fact that all the First year students, as a penalty, have been barred from any of the committees or other student bodies. As if They Mind! 😀 So all the backbreaking work for the numerous seminars and other kampus activities will now need to be single handedly handled by the Second year students, who till now were expecting roles limited to “Guiding and Directing” the work-force!! 🙂

The Mood, though outwardly Sombre, is anything but that. The Picture below beautifully pictures out the rebellious mood the student community here is in..



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