Posted: July 10, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber


Blogging Hiatus : Since the unfortunate demise of my TOSHIBA Satellite, its almost become a bleeding exercise to even think of blogging. Add to it the constant push’s and pull’s that the packed schedule of a B-School makes to your time. My TOSH, went in for repairs as it was getting into a cyclical restarting loop after operation for about half an hour. The TOSH Technicians, Lots of them, worked on it, took their own sweet time and returned it as a CPU Heating problem which according to them just required a minor fan cleaning. Little wonder, it wasn’t long before the problem re-surfaced and the whole cycle began afresh. The funny part is that with the excellent Talk-2-Toshiba program which aims at projecting the customer savvy image of TOSH, this kind of sloppy service protrudes like a sore thumb. :O


As wise men said, ” A drop of poison spoils the milk!” 😀

  1. suhel mirza says:

    my toshiba A70 satilite is not giving sound.i have checked all drivers and it’s ports .pls suggest me the best option.

  2. Cheetos says:

    Hi Suhail,
    I do not work at toshiba, was a victin to Toshiba laptop problems myself. What I would suggest is that you take ot to the nearest Toshiba-HCL Service Center.
    I have the numbers for their bangalore office

  3. naeem says:

    which barnd/company Speakers use in Satelite L300-P5010 model

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