Thanda Matlab Coca Cola !

Posted: July 12, 2006 in Management, MBA Ramblings


Marketing Theories Galore

Just got done with the first evaluation for marketing. So went through a large part of Kotler’s over verbose and voluminous book. Beautifully written and wonderfully designed, it still is could do with shedding a lot of excess flab, according to me. The concepts though sank in beautifully and thanks to the wonderful graphical illustrations was easy to relate to. The example of the Coca-cola goes for a fine example of superb marketing. Till not long back, The soft drinks used to fight for a share with each other, cutting and undercutting each other in price, volume and of course advertising expenditure. But being an oversaturated market there was very little improvement on the bottom line. That was until some innovative gut at their marketing dept. came up with the idea of “Thanda Matlab Coca Cola” and with that brought the war right into the domain of the roadside ‘Nimbu Paani’ (Lemonade) sellers. This campaign was amply supported with the aggressive pricing of 200 ml of Coke at Rs. 5 ( a little about Rs. 3 ehich is normally charged by the street vendors). Little wonder that sales immediately took off and it almost revolutionized the market.


So much for marketing having an impact!!


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