Are you done with all ?

Posted: July 28, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

This is the question every passerby whom I greet or who ends up greeting me invariably pops up. With the first round of B-Skewl evaluation (mid-terms, in lay man’s terms) beginning on Monday, Academics are probably the only thing on one’s mind.

But what’s troubling is the invariable impression people build up about others. I for one am the last person to dig deep into the course material, tons of it and my current status shows over 50% of the subjects are untouched and awaiting last night rescue!

To think, that quite a few actually believe me to be on the upper echelon of the batch is indeed troubling and of course burdensome.

This is something I really like about an performance evaluation on D-day. Whether it is an examination or a cricket match or electoral polling in a democratic process. The out come of the event is unbiased and free from the ‘extra baggage’ of image and ideas. It is a great leveler. The evaluation is free of any prejudice. And it is this evaluation hence, which finally does the noble task of separating chalk from cheese.

Ending with this link about one of the most interesting person on Kampus. Though I would not completely agree with the author, but then again, freedom of speech of expression is to be revered and respected!

P.S : My next post might only be possible a week later with the ending of the burdensome mid term exams

  1. Divya says:

    Awesome pics of the campus!!! Whoa!

    And think we me at the Hyd alumni meet… right?

  2. Cheetos says:

    I don’t really remember. but if you were there, I was there too ! If you remember having seen me then … bingo we did indeed meet ! 🙂
    Keep penning your thoughts ! ~ Cheers ~

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