Over with Mid-Semester examinations

Posted: August 5, 2006 in MBA Ramblings

The ordeal is finally over. It was one hell of an experience. Apart from Statistics all others were closed book exams; kinda queer and weird, as in we knew not what struck us!

The worst debacle of the whole bunch was undoubtedly Accounts. Long as a love letter and cryptic as a military transmission. Proved to be quite a dampener to all those who thought they were born to be financial analysts.

The funny thing was that all through the exams no one actually bothered about something as trivial as sleep. You could find the library, the computer centers and all WiFi hotspots brimming with people. Then of course there were caricatures who were looking into them even when having their meals or for that matter loo-ing (I assume, that must be the case).

A point worthy of mention was the quality of questions asked in two of the papers: Quant and Org Behavior. The quant paper was easy, tested the very basics (and of course was an open book exam) which made quite a few consider it as a cake walk, even as they wrote the exam. However, the question setting: was a job well done, much to the anguish of the till now jubilant students. The Pits dugs and cleverly camouflaged by the simplicity of description had foxed almost all but the ultra paranoid. The realization dawned for most just after walking out of the examination halls into the green grass carpeting at the amphitheater, just as they opened the folded question papers with an intent to enjoy their easy prey!

The Org Behaviour paper was an intellect tickler. To answer it satisfactorily you would have had to attend all classes, participate in all the class discussions ardently, read the HBR Articles vociferously, red the suggested textbook zealously and most importantly think philosophically, and think a lot at that! All in all a lovely question paper to have and a lousy one to answer!


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