Taking off the Mask

Posted: August 6, 2006 in MBA Ramblings

Attended a two hour seminar by Jure Biechonski, an experienced Counseling Psychologist and the founder director of SACH International on “Taking off the mask”. It was an eye opener in more ways than one. The whole experience was different, as in it raised many questions and disqualified whatever little answers we had or we thought we had. Leaving us with no choice but to do some serious contemplation. The questions ranged from the most difficult and yet fundamental to ‘Who is I’ to the little more descriptive, ‘What is Happiness for me’. Penning down some scribbled notes from the interactive session.

  • The Secret to happiness is to live in present. Sleep when you sleep, eat when you eat and work when you work
  • Its better to be left with more questions than answers than the other way round
  • If someone tells you that he/she can hypnotize you then you better run fast. Cause that man/woman is definitely a CON
  • Treat the cause of pain than try to alleviate it
  • Always have a contingency plan in life.
  • The current generation suffers from “Emotional Constipation & Verbal Diarrhea
  • Funny Fact : The word ‘Happiness’ DOESNOT exist in the medicinal books of Psychology
  • Fear can indeed hold you prisoner and sabotage your thoughts
  • A smart youth comes to a famed Sadhu renowned for his intellectual prowess, to prove his intelligence. He holds a butterfly in his clenched fist and asks the sadhu to use his supernatural powers to find out what he is holding. The sadhu replies ‘A Butterfly, My son’. Next comes the question, can you tell me if its dead or alive. (He intended to double cross the sadhu on this; it was alive till then and if the sadhu correctly replied that it was alive, he would promptly crush it within his clenched fist. If on the other hand the sadhu replied that it was dead then he would let go of his grasp. The butterfly would fly away and it would be proven that he was wiser than even the famed sadhu!). The Sadhu smiles and replies, “It is in your hand , son, if the Butterfly is Dead or Alive”.
  • Similarly, the butterfly of our happiness is in our hands
  1. intro u gave to the thoughts of ur speaker raiesd my expectations. and i was expecting something really out of the box. but most items u listed were quite ordinary.

    i did not mean to offend either ur writing or speakers thought. sry in case i already did.

    butterfly story was like old wine in new bottle. but the fact remains, that we always forget abt it. so we need to put it in new package to remind us abt it. as the taste and effect of wine fades away next morning.

    keep writing….

  2. Rujuta Soni says:

    its nice to read something under the head Psycology.
    coz these ”thoughts” are something that we hold deep inside us and stil wait someone to come and tell us about it, so that we can actually work over it.

    The quest for knowing ownself is never ending, and the answers are new everytime, and yet it feels good to get one.

    keep writing about..

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