Birthdays & AbaKus

Posted: August 10, 2006 in MBA Ramblings

With Abakus(the spectacular IT seminar by IIMK) just around the corner, it was time to put the mid semester scores, which started seeping in at the beginning of the week, behind us.

Being a part of the IT Committee I think I will have my hands more than full. My grades for now have been unbelievably low, it was almost a discovery, as to how low I could actually score!  😦 :O

Meanwhile it seems the whole Kampus is getting ready to wish one guy on his birthday 😉 . Kicks, Bumps, Slam Dunks, Cake Plastering and hullabaloo are all on the cards :O . Everyday for the past three days almost every guy who met me in the mess or the Night Canteen (NC) or just about anywhere in the picturesque Kampus kept reminding me, “Its two days for showdown!! All the Best” 😉

I sometimes wonder what does it take to be so well known and so badly in demand in the Kampus, that everyone, and I really mean every single person, in an establishment knows you very well. Every single individual has something to say about you, some good some bad and some others irrelevant.

Meanwhile, for the first time, one is not that happy that his birthday is just around the corner!

  1. Koulick says:

    sounds cool…..
    got the link from neutral riddle…..

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