B School Birthday Celebrations

Posted: August 12, 2006 in MBA Ramblings

Clebrated my first B-School Birthday in a lot of Pomp! Started off with the customary bashing in the Night Canteen, or ‘NC’ as it is better known 🙂 . To my horror it was almost as if the whole college had turned up to kick the life out of my poor buts. 😦 Boy! if this makes you smile think again !!


The people seemed ready for a vengence, I knew not for what :(. My best assumption is the Mid-sems not going fantastically for most folks out here ;). The ritual went on with a lot of gaiety until someone finally had pangs of conscience and decided that it was enough for the moment.


I for one had almost become numb in that area. The feeling was strange initially it hurt then it became hot and then feelings eluded me. ( The actual agony was to start and linger on the next morning and onwards, as I was to later realize).


Finally there was ‘Mehndi‘ ceremony, much akin to the ones pretty brides are subjected on the day of mariage; Only in this case the Mehndi was substituted with Chocolate Cake Cream and the Milk was substituted with Sprite and Fanta :D! Fantastic for Complexion. See the pictures of the proceeding below. 🙂




In the evening we went out for dinner with the Hostel Gang. The fact that the place was no less than TAJ just added to the fun of the event.



Now that those celebrations are over, time to get back into the B-School life. Started Saturday morning with attending the Annual I.T Management Seminar, organised by the enthisastic Systems Consulting group od IIMK. A wonderful experience. Listened to some of the industry stalwarts like Manish Gupta the CTO of IBM India.

Need to get back deep into academics as the numerous chapters of Kotler are awaiting my reading in order to prepare me for the Quiz scheduled for Monday.

The past week was quite eventful in all respects, something that was a farcry in the professional/corporate world. Hope I am able to soar over the high waves and surf in them! Ending with a Calvin Thought !!




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