‘Independence, eMpower & Synapse

Posted: August 20, 2006 in MBA Ramblings

Celebrated Independence Day on 15th August. Joined the Director and faculty for flag hoisting along with a small function culminating with a round of snacks. Was pleasantly surprised to see a rather significant student turnout, in spite of the fact that the event had only ‘Requested Attendance’ and was void of the ‘Compulsory to Attend’ tag. Don’t know if it was patriotism or the post-event ‘refreshments’ which was the motivator for the fabulous outcome. Like every patriotic and foolishly optimistic Indian I would like to believe it was the former.




A couple of lines for the occasion then would be in place,

As a nation India Never followed the plot,
Just when it was endangered with being written off,
It stuns with its technological know how,
Its truly an idea that defies the croakiest of plots,
An absurdity, a madness, an incongruous hodgepodge,
An absolute pandemonium, a labyrinth and yet order evolves and patterns emerge.
An Adventurism, a clairvoyance, a vision that statistics can never do justice to.
A Feeling, a fever, a taste that can never be explained.
A true and befitting ode to Freedom,
Vande Maataram!

The next day saw the celebration of Janmashtami with the traditional ‘Matka Phodh’ competition along with the customary puja with arati. The dinner consisting of special ethnical cuisines was a welcome change from the regular grab that we consumed.






Meanwhile still struggling with Managerial Accounting and Microeconomics. With every passing day a realization just firms up, It is not difficult leave alone unconquerable. All what it demands is bit of respect, a bit of attention and a bit of time. A preference over a hostel gossip, a privilege over a weekend movie and an adjustment with the extra holiday sleep… not always but for one weekend. And that is all it will take!

Time management has evolved to become the single most important aspect of B-School life. You have loads of assignments, case studies, worksheets, projects & then of course course material to read up. None of these are optional or have a shared domain. They all give a different flavor/ a different perspective. So doinga lot of projects or assignments will land you in no better a position in the examinations that doing none. Of course they carry their own evaluations but then that’s a different story. On top of these every weekend we keep having seminars and symposium. Last week we had CTO IBM, CIO HLL and some consulting company honchos coming down for talks. This week we had ITC, CTS, Yash Raj Films and some others being represented by their who’s-who. There is a perennial time constraint and at every nook and corner you have to take a call. Weigh your options, evaluate your priorities and pick the one you value the most. Sacrifices are inevitable.

This I think would be my greatest takeaway from Business School Education, apart from a chain of buddies and loads of memories to augment them. Another aspect is the essence of team work. Sooner or later one realizes that not everyone in a team can or will contribute equally; in fact not everybody should be expected to contribute the same amount. Then what really matters is hoe the dissymmetry is exploited to the maximum, how you play on strengths to cover each others’ weakness in order to evolve as a much more stronger and a much more formidable entity.

Just to Explain the Title:

eMpower is the marketing interest group at IIMK and Synopsis is the current Marketing seminar it is organizing. (The one in which ITC and Yash Raj Films are coming over)

By the way, An interesting event is happening in campus, Certain parts of our facilities are being used for a movie shooting. The entire crew including the star-cast is present hence in the campus. A sad fact hence that being a south Indian movie/star-cast, we find it difficult to appreciate their stardom. (They anyway don’t look so aesthetically enticing!)

  1. proseparadox says:

    with plenty of images your blog has become slower my dear. now its runs slower then ur very slow walk. i was not able to post comment for long time. thnk fully internet connection in client office was strong or probably i had more patients this time.

    in any case try to minimise the images. and its being long that u hv actually posted new blog.

  2. proseparadox says:

    i wrote big comment and its lost now.. see ur blog is not excepting comments now.

    i will have to type everything all over again. wht i had said….
    ur blog is very slow .. i think because of images… and they r taking long to load.. reduce the # of blogs appear on each page in ur settings. it now runs slower then ur slow walk.

    u not posted anything for long now. any reason? apart from exams.

  3. Pranay says:

    Life @ K still seems as amazin as it did when we were there. Had a nice warm feelin readin about Synapse as I was one of the guys involved in the first one and that’s what got me into marketing.

    Nice Poem

  4. Cheetos says:

    @ Pranay: Nice to hear from seniors and alums particularly from the ones I’ve never had the good fortune of meeting! Please do keep pouring in your thoughts every now and then!!

    Always for K!

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