One semester down at IIM Kozhikode

Posted: September 13, 2006 in MBA Ramblings

Finally dust settles on MBA Sem-I at IIM Kozhikode. With the commencement of the end-term breaks people can be seen fleeing faster (from the campus) than from a burning house. The past three months have been one of re-discovery.

Students started on a journey which would change their way of life, and this is in no reference to the career prospects. They would emerge better and stronger individuals; with a wiser overalls.

With an open mind replacing an empty one; with a co-operative growth replacing a competitive one.

One a lighter note, people now truly know the power of information, with the SPAMMING being the fastest mode of communication. In case you are wondering what you are referring to, the Kampus has an inbuilt messaging facility, a special messenger which is used for file sharing, message passing and any kind of data exchanging in general. This is both highly productive as well as counter-productive. 🙂

Whether you are looking for some critical business information or looking for the latest music video; whether the search is of some urgent software or that of a spare bike for a quick outing; Spam everyone with your problem/requests. And yes, do not forget to attach the TIA at the end (TIA: Thanks In Advance)

Some other ‘useful things’ that this wonderful application, affectionately called ‘IP’ by us is used for:

  1. Staying awakeat nights by catering to the chain of PJ’s (Poor Jokes)
  2. Finding out which all K-Dio ( IIM Kozhikode Radio ) stations are playing what
  3. Finding, who all are game, from your hostel for a Maggi, at 2AM in the night at the Night Canteen (NC)
  4. Locating a person who is required immediately
  5. Ensuring all Birthdays are duly honored with the traditional Birthday Bumps 😀
  6. The Menu at the Mess on any particular day  😦
  7. Passing the latest Gossip doing round, the ‘Taaza Khabar’ straight from ‘Unconfirmed sources’  😉
  8. The expected pattern of questions in the next Quiz or evaluation (Purely speculation: the more weird your speculation the higher will be its TRP rating)
  9. Finding out who was the DCP champion of the day (DCP: Desperate Class Participation)

And last but not the least .. killing time in any of the class lectures, in the case of a TOHT (Total Over Head Transmission)   😀

  1. Swati says:

    Too good.. i can surely relate 2 that one.. we hav a IP even out here in SP… 🙂

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