Awakening Buddha Within

Posted: September 19, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

Reading this wonderful book by, ‘Surya Lama‘. My dad picked up this book sometime during his waiting period at Heathrow and according to him transformed the way he looks at life. I have actually seen a percievable change in the way dad looks at things these
days; now that’s not what I would admit in front of him, but that’s a different
story altogether.

I just started reading this book yesterday evening as I ran out of episodes of JOEY to watch (now that’s another interesting one .. will talk about that later). Believe it or not I found myself deeply engrossed in the key concept by the
time I had finished reading the 6th page.

Reproducing some lines from the original text, which forced me to get
contemplative about the purpose of my life.

In a very real sense all our day to day problems can be linked to spiritual issues and understanding. For example, I have frequently spoken with men and women who complain that even though they have painstakingly followed Life’s Little Operating Manual they feel as though they as though they are coming up Empty Handed

Spiritual Life has always been in quest of answers to two existential problems, “Who am I?” and “Why am I?“. A search for truth, personal authenticity and reality, a search for ‘what is’ a search for purpose.

Too often life’s path seems paradoxical and confusing. Even in the brightest daylight the atmosphere is Murky; the guide posts are barely visible; the arrows and direction symbols when and if we find them seem to be pointing every other way.

When I look at my life in retrospect some obvious things stand out.

  • Whatever happens; happens for a good cause I got admitted to DPS and then one visit to the school premises, that my parents got disillusioned about the most hyped school in town. I was pulled out by my parents and put in Don Bosco. I have a strong belief that whatever little are my speaking and writing skills have a strong Bosco influence to it. The fact that my language is spontaneous and I am able to use it while focusing more on content rather than correctness of delivery is due to the incredible English teachers that Don Bosco provided. I clearly have to thank the likes of Uma Sirkar, Shobha Prasad, Dolly Mazumdar, Meenu Bajaj and Grace George. Similarly at every point in my life, I found that that every thing seemed to fit in the ‘Bigger Picture’ something that was only visible in ‘Rearview Sight’. Going ahead you got to believe that each step that you take and each event that happens is like a dot which you keep joining in order to get the complete picture (Rmember the Join-the-Dots Game)
  • Nothing in the life is ‘MOST IMPORTANT’
    • My Parents had me believe that the ClassXth was very important. Then it was the IIT JEE and on went the story. At every point I was made to believe this is the single Key Factor to success in life. And every time I negotiated the turn successfully, did I realize that there was one more awaiting right ahead which was even more difficult, even ‘More Important
    • In many ways life is much like a video game. You keep playing the game until you reach your level of incompetence, then you stop progressing and start fighting the odds!
    • There is no one Lock with that one ‘Key Success Factor’. Life is a treasure chest in which every time you open it, you will find some riches smeared around and another ‘Cast iron’ Chest hidden within with an even bigger padlock protecting its contents.
    • The idea is to keep finding the Keys and keep opening the chests!
  • It will always be a MIXED BAG
      • The experience, whole plethora of them have always been a healthy mixture of sweet and sour. For every Uma Sirkar I had an Alice Anson. For every kind Grace George I had a rowdy and rambunctious Uma Thomas.
      • The Hopes have always been interluded with despair. The happiness with sorrow, the friendships with enmity, the exhilaration with crestfallen times.
      • IIIT was something of a treasure. While at it I never knew what it gave, while out of it I know that I can’t imagine what It meant. Treasure the friendships with most of my pals there. People with whom I rarely interacted, are the same ones who do unthinkable to me and for whom I would do almost anything.
      • My achievements have always followed my failures and vice-versa. A silly careless error on the part of ETS, saw my MS(computer Science) from Cornell
        University get squashed. But likewise, a successful tenure at Kanbay followed by an almost undeserving performance t my first CAT attempt saw me soar back up again
  • Trust in the Almight
  • I always found that whenever I called his name with all my devotion, with a solitary objective of asking him to help me out, he always delivered. Whether it is saving me from principal for not getting my English textbook (thanks to Thomas Sir), or whether it was getting into IIIT for computer science Engineering.

    I still remember the night, when right after paying for admission at Delhi College of Engineering(DCE) I was crying in bed, because I did not want to study anything other than computer science, and REC Trichy was not the place I wanted to go ( My all India Rank for REC was 23).

    And the next day early morning I got the news that IIIT results were out. A quick check confirmed that I was in!

    I can go on and on, but this writeup already has become quite long. And I have been forewarned by some of my ‘well-wishers’ about writing boring long and cumbersome blogs. So I think I will put a pause here (Not a STOP; just a Pause!!).

    I would sincerely and strongly recommend you to read this book.

    Buy it, Beg it or Steal it….! its Worth all of that and more!

    1. Ken says:

      finally u wrote someting that suites to ur calibre.. or probably first time i understood full text of ur post.. it was really very good.. really need to go to ur english teacher to descrive how i found it.

      keep posting them…

      thx & rgds

    2. Ken says:

      u have set in standards for posting man…
      but where my comments get lost?

    3. Ken says:

      First of all thx for all the suggestions, appreciation and compliements. I am still not sure as all my pictures are really fabulous. Actually I am not happy with colors. It can be because I am seeing them on my Acer laptop, which has really dud screen. I don’t know what dud means, but hope you understood.

      The colors on your Toshiba laptop were really very cool. I have also got laptop from Hex, which is Dell, again does not show really very bright colors.

      I am not sure how many post did you read, but the one I penned in India just before coming here are one of my personal favorites. In case you have time you can check that out. They are written before September 10.

      About photography I am still ameture, as I can not predict the output when I set my camera, and take final shot. Most night shots have come nice due to my tiny tripod. 😀

      And for your plesure of having my blogs and good pictures I can stay in Sydney for some longer time, but definitely in company of you or some one alike. Never alone.. …

      On you trying to access my travel log, frankly, I was not sure what should I name it. I just wanted to give links to my pictures and most of them were from travel in US, I just named it travel log. If load my pictures to Flickr, I would be able to show them on Blog, but thats hell of pain. I think I will add some links from Ringo, and I hope you will like them. But I appreciate the suggestion, as that section is just waste.

      Hope you will approve this comment 😀 😀 :D. I did not had any problem on my blog due to Viagara at least. I think you are very popular and that makes you spam victim. But wordpress has the spam blocker, I think.

    4. Ken says:

      how did u got that blue box, which is there after text Trust in Almight…

    5. Ken says:

      new profile pic on head of blog is not good… does not really say anyting.. and more over it confuses….

    6. keshuvko says:

      NIce write up it is! Keep it up

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