Neutral Riddle

Posted: September 19, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

Been busy with a fairly interesting thing the past couple of days. Its called ‘Neutral Riddle’..
The game goes like this, its a riddle which is open for all and open with all. As in, the key idea is to reach the next level by any means possible. You can ask a friend, look up a dictionary, enquire in a forum or simply google it out. In fact the riddle assumes athat you will do all this and more!

So the difficulty level is so set that you would really need to whack your brains, tease your senses and appease your temperament in order to proceedyour way through the labyrinth.

Sometime, I was pleading for answers, but most of the forums that you’d find will not allow any direct answer revealation. So beneath I will do some ‘Charity’ and give soe answers for those who have reached that level of desperation where the means no longer matter… Only the end does!

** Spolier Alert :: Explicit Answers Mentoined **

  1. Change URL directly to level2.htm
  2. keyboard.htm
  3. golden ratio.htm
  4. wheel.htm
  5. animals.htm  5b dice.htm
  6. ronaldo.htm
  7. sunset.htm
  8. trashcan.htm
  9. creative.htm
  10. hole18.jpg

For more on assistance at any level these two are very wonderfully informative sites

Do give it a shot and let mw know till what you reached !

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  1. Amal says:

    some one…anyone..i need help on level 10….can anyone help thanks…..

  2. Cheetos says:

    Wow! Dan .. Thanks .. It indeed is the answer to Level 11’s riddle!

  3. maj says:

    did u guys go further than that? im tryin to name the image on driver.htm…….

  4. Aamer says:

    i am on level 28 and did everything to get the answer
    please anyone with the answer

  5. Koulick says:

    whats the answer to the driver.htm

  6. Koulick says:

    i got the answer to driver.htm……

  7. anu says:

    stuck at level 17 of neutral riddle
    fnd 9 letters on d excel sheet!
    wat 2 do??

  8. Abdo says:

    level 41 anyone

  9. claire says:

    stuck at level 12…HELPPPP!!

  10. rach!! says:

    trashcan?????I DONT GET IT!!!!!


  11. Cheetos says:

    NEUTRAL RIDDLE is really one hell of a riddle .. ain’t it folks. Keep writing in, especially the answers of the subsequent levels !! 😀

  12. ajay says:

    answer for level 17 is personage.htm

  13. abcd says:

    level 27??

  14. synergenix84 says:

    can anyone tell me the url for level 10?
    i got it its glass but when i type glass.htm it says “yes its glass,but exactly,WHAT?” wtf is this….i”ve been trying this episode for a day but cant go any further… pls help!!

  15. jane18 says:

    pls smone, whts the answer to level 11??

  16. jane18 says:

    in level 41, i have reached the page where they ask to do something with the source and the jpg. can anyone tell me how to proceed??

  17. Nick says:

    I need help with level 16. Look in the daylight. I was told to stare in the daylight, but i don’t see anything!

  18. Dractonis says:


    Use the data that you got from the exif, what is it telling you?

    Once you know what x is, build it. Then you need to use the coordinates with x to get the answer.

    It’s similar to a previous level you’ve done; just remember to count.

  19. Matalie says:

    Can someone tell me level 14?

  20. bec says:

    does anyone no the answer to level 13????

  21. Hey, nice post, really well written. You should post more about this.

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