Durga Puja outside home

Posted: October 2, 2006 in Arbit Thoughts

This was the first time, I spent Durga Puja away from home and family; in a remote but beautiful place in Kerala. The term break made sure that I just got to hear mahalaya and then I had to leave back to my alma mater, for a gruelling Term II.

Its like some hungry chap being taken into a wonderful eatery to be given a whiff of the aroma of delicacies and then escourted out, telling him it was time to go. Certinly cruel and bordering Inhuman.

Somehow, Puja is a complete miss without the smell of ‘shiuli’ a flower, the smoke of ‘Dhuno’ and the loud rythmic beats of Dhak. I also missed the pandal hopping, the tearing off of tags off new clothes and them adoring them, the gossips with frineds, the babe watching, the numerous rounds of ice-cream/roll/cutlets and coffee (Delhi is in transition to winters around this time) nad of course the cultural functions of all kinds, some great, most watchable and a few torcherous! 🙂

It is on occasions like this that my belief gets re-affiemed that I will be willing to make significant concessions in professional life in order to be working from home. Its been over seven years now, and somehow the price of benefits I am willing to forego for this cause keeps facing an upwards climb.

The whole spirit is something that simply cannot be recreated outside its original setup by a few home-sick IIM students. So we just did not out up too much of a fight, and gave in to being sullen for all the four days. Thankfully the graciuous work load, which is almost quadrupled from previous term, kept us occupied. We however to make escapades for dinner thrice, once to prim TAJ, then to niche ITC Fortune and finally to a nice homely Sagar.

Savouring the last day of ‘classes free‘ span over the past 4 days, asI write I am actually wondering if I will be able to pen anything more down before the end of this term. There is every reason to believe that that wont be possible, but somehow something inside me tells me, that the rebel inside will finally get sick of one strenuous strech and forget all deadlines, submissions to agin sit and stafrt penning his cribbing and tit-bits of his life, not too long from now.

I have still a pile of stull in the ‘To Do’ basket, so will end this here.

Wishing you and your family the best of Vijaya Dashami and the blessings of Ma Durga.

  1. Ken says:

    chk my page, new picture.. its really very good…


  2. Ken says:

    wish u the same, read Sugata’s pain for being away from Durg Puja, and then u.. did not felt like crying, but u guyes are making me homesick .. the more I try to forget the fact that I m not going to make it by diwali.. ur blog remind me that more and more…

  3. Ken says:

    try it now…


    so hows life.. and read the post now… i have just completed proof readin…


  4. Ken says:

    if u still there let me know if it is working or not?

    its working fine for other pictures

  5. Ken says:

    and wht about the boody blog and blogger?

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