Diwali Celebrations

Posted: October 23, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

As I stood by my hostel room Verandah on Diwali day, dusk setting in, I couldn’t help miss my family back in Delhi. My brother back from his hectic Law School schedule is currently spending his end of terms vacations in Delhi and with that my parents have taken a couple of days off from the daily nitty-gritties to make a short trip to Nainital. I am left outas my B-School schedule does not allow me to take a day off even during peak festival season. Festivals are really that great fun without your near and dear ones around. A realisation which refused to stop haunting me this Deepawali.

I was engrossed in these thoughts and would have contined to wither in them had I not been shaken up by my next door roomie. The Official celebrations were about to star, he exclaimed in half breath without half as much as caring whether I was receptive to him or not. Of course it did not matter to him, I was as unaware of happenings as anyone could ever manage and he took it as a personal responsibility and challenge to ‘Strike a light, where ther is darkness all around’ Afterall, It was Diwali! 😀

His spoken message almost missed me, but his half-breath excitement was difficult to ignore. I was drawn back to reality, to ground-zero so to say. Quickly managed to freshen up and put on the cleanest, ironed shirt trouser I had in my closet. Not to mention took my camera along, and off we went.

Just as I came out of my room a magical sight awaited me, the whole corridor had been lit up with bright candles spaced at a uniform distance. The sight was most resembling to that of an Airport runway at night. I stood there for a while savoring the beauty around. It was indeed somthing worth capturing in my camera (See the pictures in the right handside column, click there to see many more of them). As my friend trudged me along, eager not to miss the free ‘halwa‘ in the canteen, we met with another interesting thing. someone had used his/her creative juices to write ‘K’ with soe candles in a rather dark gloomier corner of the coridoor. The effect was that the ‘Briht K’ was showing light all around! 🙂 (See the pictures in the right handside column, click there to see many more of them).

We joined for Puja, followed by sumptuous Deepawali special meal. Almost everyone was in traditional dresses and it was easy to notice that even the ladies looked a lot more gorgeous in traditional outfit that they were ddoning today than the skimpier western ones that they normally wear. I was like the odd man out with shirt-trousers on.

Greetings of ‘Happy Diwlai’ in many forms were echanged and we then rushd for the fireworkd. It was a spectacular sight, to say the least, some of the firecrackers thatwe had got reminded me of the ones that we see on the opening day of Olypics or any other such grand event. Such was their captivating nature. Engrossed in fun and frolic, I witnessed many rockets going astray, many crackers going leak-puff and many flower pots rising whoooosh.. sky high. The neo-classic 500 sky shots, were the star cast of the entire event and each of them continued to lighten up the sky in brilliant dazzle for what seemed like close to 5 minutes. By the end of it all, people were still rushing back to their hostels for extra rounds of cracker biursting, on individual hostel budgets. I somehow had enough for the day.
(See the pictures in the right handside column, click there to see many more of them).

I joined my friends Don and Mark for a round of impromptu music jam session. They had almost perfected the acoustic guitars and the sound of the stoked strings somehow reverbated me into a different realm altogether. I am a connoisseur of music and some of the best in speakers, withing my affordable range, find place in my belomgings. My Slim, contoured and beautiful Altec Lansing speakers are a sheer delight.But somehow there as I sat , the sound suddenly seemed so distinctly fresh. I was easy to realise that the ones I normally hear in my room are no match fpor the ‘authentic’ humming strings. Took me back to the days of my ‘Don Bosco School Band’. Memories. I was once again a standard 7 student singing in the ‘Carnucopia‘ Music challenge.
Back in the ground, we sang a number of hindi and english numbers attended by a small but highly participative audience. Some of the songs had lyrics in prim and proper shapes other were like rags stiched by stings of ‘hummings’. A wonderful feeling, when you continue to sing even when you are not aware of the lyrics. Its like then its your heart which does the singing.
(See the pictures in the right handside column, click there to see many more of them).

The Music Sammelan was by far the most enjoyable event of that day. I wanted to carry oin there, byut by now it was 01:00 hours and my laziness coupled with a sumptuous meal was getting better of me, edging me to call it a day. So, took final leave of all singer-listener buddies and headed back to my room happy and contented.

So, missed Nainital, but got God’s Own Kerala in Return. Not a bad deal at all !

  1. Mist says:

    Cheeto-bhai, my head is reeling just by looking at all this subjects :), but really nice synopsis. Take care of yourself while working hard. I might not be visiting Kerala this year :(, otherwise I surely would have visited you and seen this lovely campus. The campus looks so pretty on your pics. Is their any blog of the yournger A-bhai ? This way is a better way to keep in touch, or do u prefer emails ?

  2. Cheetos says:

    Mails or Blogs works fine, eitherways, with me. Only this is more public. A doesnt yet blog, lawyers never really do such faffing free of cost; now, do they ? 😀
    Life is indeed a bit more packed than I bargained for, guess its part of the B-Skewl experience 🙂
    Keep Scribbling (even if its at the wrong post 😉 )
    ~ Cheetos

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