Dwarka Flyover

Posted: December 29, 2006 in Gibberish Blabber

My blog has off late become something which is so typical of a B-School student. This is primarily because the typecast that I have followed while picking topics or even while deliberating on any one. I am so aghast at this realization that I have almost made a silent New Year resolution that I will try to become a more ‘Wholesome Individual’ or in the words of ‘Kaavya @ How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got A Life‘ become a ‘well rounded personality’
In keeping with this I have decided to shed some light about something which is very much a ‘ground reality’. The ‘Dwarka Flyover’, the largest flyover in Asia-Pacific region spanning what would (after completion) be 11.2 KMs connecting the dream sub-city of Rajiv Gandhi ‘Dwarka’ with the mainstay of the city, the ‘Outer-Ring road’.

It provides easy access bypassing the treacherous and unpredictable the railway crossing at Palam. This was a big headache for residents of the posh suburb as traversing through here in the busy office hours could be an assault on all your senses. It could take anywhere between 20 to 80 minutes to negotiate the short distance of 500 meters depending on the time of the day and the timetable of the trains having through fare through the passing lines. This was a longtime bottleneck but what was proving to be hindrance in construction of the flyover was the fact that this is just adjacent to the military airport which remains on ‘Critical Operational Readiness’ protecting the capital city from any impending disaster. Hence the armed forces had a lot of reservations over allowing any form of construction which would bring their facilities within observable range. However with the onset of Google Earth and other such Digital Satellite imaging services, they had bigger things to worry about!

From Google Earth

Another roadblock which was threatening to be a show-stopper was the fact that the construction of this flyover would require the evacuation of numerous illegal houses which had mushroomed in and around that area. In fact the whole of Mahavir enclave and the majority of Palam were unauthorized colonies. Removing them was like igniting a political dynamite as all these were controlled by the ‘Jat’ community, one which has the largest say over the vote-bank in Delhi.
However with the constant brow-beating of the courts & thanks to the relentless efforts of the housing RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) this finally got completed. With this the Airport just became a 7 minute journey from the gates of Dwarka. More importantly important fixtures like Connaught Place and Nehru Place came at a workable distance by Delhi standards (both at < 1 hour)


For Dwarka residents it meant a booming time not only because the added convenience it brought for them but because of the instant trippling effect it had on the real estate prices. Now with the metro too having come to Dwarka in a very big way, (the average distance between two station in the sub-city is 1 Km) there is no looking where the prices have skyrocketed to!
For me, I am hardly complaining as the eight lane width and the splendidly lit up concrete build make it a pleasure to cruise along!


  1. Rejimon CK says:

    Yes it was indeed a wounderfull Underpass. However on 2 Aug 2007 with heavy rain the claims by DDA this as one of the best constructed prooved wrong.
    This is for all those who missed/or had some techncial problem in opening the file.
    Videos uploade to Yahoo for all those who missed it in the TV news channels and attachment.

    Also uploaded into YOUTUBE.COM http://youtube.com/watch?v=KOFgr_JxMiE


  2. Rejimon CK says:

    Sorry, the video was about the underpas at Sect 22-NH-8 Link road.

  3. mohit says:

    kya bakbaas flyover hai

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