Posted: December 31, 2006 in MBA Ramblings

This is one think that does not change irrespective of how my age counter keeps ticking or how the context or the geographies keep rolling. It happened during my under graduation, during my the period when I was on a job and now when I am finally doing my MBA, it still comes haunting back. Whenever I am set to go to home, the last days before that big day passes in a jiffy. with almost the whole world ‘conspiring’ to keep me on my highest spirits. And then before I can bat my eyelid its time for the return journey, now this seriously hurts! That day its almost like everything works against my wishes and no matter what happens I sorely miss home and my folks there! It always was this way, as far as I can remember!

Currently these are the things that I miss sorely of my home.

  1. The cozy place called my house and the luxury of having a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a car at your disposal (if you know what I mean)
  2. The chilly and fog smeared mornings, the nice colorful sweat shirts and the warm and comfortable quilts and of course the TV remote and the time to indulge in it abundantly
  3. The numerous FM Channels that are there on air. This time there were two new FM channels and my favorite of them all shifted from Red-FM to Radio-City
  4. The nice and friendly people of Delhi (Not to mention the pretty ones of opposite sex)
  5. The hot Cup of Coffee or the aroma of Darjeeling Tea which my mother is so excellent at preparing
  6. All my favorite foodstuff during the meals and other generous helpings (on a self service basis from the refrigerator)
  7. My nice room which beautiful oak furniture and my excellently lit table.
  8. Lastly, my Family who would always go that extra mile to provide me all my wants (Not NEEDS, mind you! WANTS!)
  1. Ken says:


    You know what, there are times when we say that you steal my words. I would say that you have stolen my feeling and entire story. The word home means so much means to us when we actually go away from it.

    I think we understand the importance of light only when it is dark.

    Thx & Rgds,

  2. Ken says:

    Did I tell you that your new picture on the top is really cool.. I really liked it very much.

    Thx & Rgds,

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