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Backwaters 2007

Posted: January 16, 2007 in MBA Ramblings

Life has been much fun the last few days. What’s up here is ‘Backwaters‘, the annual festival of IIMK. This is by far one of the most sponsored and most colorful of B-School fests in the country. The last couple of days have been much more fun than a ‘mela’ (translated roughly to a ‘fair’ in English).
The campus is swarming with some really artistically made colorful banners, enticing punch lines, our own folks so seemingly busy with their responsibilities and bright gay tags announcing the ‘position-of-responsibility’ they hold. The make do Walkie-Talkies or the constant buzz of cell phones kept most organizers on their toes and running. The air was filled with the sounds of ‘K-Dio‘ our own Internet Radio broadcasting the various happenings, the gossips, the updates, the contestant views, the prizes and absolutely everything that was so interesting and so much fun in and around the Campus.
Some of the really Fun events which took place are (These are the ones I actually ended up watching.. giving up the couch luxuries any MBA student relishes)

Khichdi: A dance cocktail featuring most of the supercharged dance from bhangra to gidha to what not
Twelve Angry Men: A Captivating play based on the movie by the same name. This really saw some spectacular performance from the students of IIM-K
Mr. & Miss Backwaters: The event which was more aligned with building camaraderie than testing one upmanship. More in a duo format with guys and girls coming up from the differenct colleges and them being asked to prove their worth in tasks which ranged from wild to rib-tickling to ones which really needed to whack up your creativity.
K-Band: Our own home band played some mellifluous numbers. It was a magical experience to sit in the carpet green grass of the amphitheater and listen to our friends play such fantastic music.
Mother Jane concert: a concert by the Desi Rock band ‘mother Jane’. It was sheer ecstasy for hard rock fans. Whether it was Pink Floyd or metallica or Aerosmith. all the super cool numbers were played starting with the iconic ‘We don’t need no Education’! The lighting and the sound system were impervious to any chinks and it roared and screamed through the musical night
Kite Flying: We also flew kites, an ode to the spirit of Makar Sankranti. Surprisingly my kite flying skills were still sharp from grade 8 in school when I last flew them. On the 15th of August the Delhi skies used to be colored with confetti of bright colorful kits which now but looked like specs in the vast expanse of the blue skies. A lot of the memories were relived, even as my kite flew for about 3 hours soaring to the runner’s up position in the ‘height of kite’ criteria.
Euphoria: This was by far one of the best concerts I have heard in a long time. Palash Sen & Co. really felt the pulse of the crowd. The crowd wooed-swooed with them. Plus not to mention the ‘Kabhi aana tu meri Galli’ and ‘Dhoom Pichak Dhoom’ numbers! The icing on the cake was for the first time palash got some very pretty ladies as a sing-along choir. Eyes kept meandering near them every now and then when palash took a break to catch some breath, which was not too often.

A lot of ‘Kodak-Moments’ of these events are captured on my flickr site.