Ab na Jaa

Posted: March 1, 2007 in MBA Ramblings

“Aankhen bandh kar loon jo main, dekhoon bas tumhain, khwabon main hi kah sakta hoon apna tumhe”

As I am listening to the mellifluous voice of Palash Sen in this song, even as I write this post, a lot of pictures come floating to my mind. People like Srivatsav, Kaushik, Manoj, Prosenjit and Anil to mention a few. This post is dedicated to these people who made a difference with their presence in IIMK.

The past ten days or so have been tremendously packed and hectic. We had four project submissions and a number of quizzes and evaluations. Not to mention the terror of Advanced Corporate Finance (better known as FM-II), with the many different and often contradicting models. The first respite came today, though even today we have an important assignment to submit in Operations Management, but of course, that can wait!

Most people left in the campus have gone off to Either Taj/ITC for a sumptuous meal or to some nice virgin beach like Mahe/Wayannad. Somehow I could not get myself to rejoice and party today, I miss some of my friends a lot. These ‘friends’ are my seniors who have moved out of Campus as they complete their PGP (that’s what the MBA degrees in IIM are called). Over the years, I have realized that my taste in food, life and people are similar. I like simple uncomplicated things, which are not garish but sober and reserved, with their own share of dignity! All this with a nice and pleasing touch!

In IIM’s people do not really develop new potential they just realize their latent potential. So factually speaking, you can’t really shine unless you have it in you! This goes for almost everything here. People realize their ‘hidden colors’; whether they were the loud and attention seeker types, the Type-A/Type-B Personality or simply the reserved observant ones; Chances are that societal norms might have had them camouflaged maybe even to the ignorance of the person himself . IIM makes steam-cooks you to make those hidden facets come out. So while some metamorphose into arrogant ignorant bastards, or as some people prefer referring to as people with ‘Attitude’; there are those who rise above petty trifle into stuff leaders and legends are made of!

I have always bonded well with people, something which came quite naturally to me! Things were particularly easy with seniors. In IIM the trend continued. Whether it was some stupid and outrageous demands, like asking Srivatsav for his expensive Hi-Fidelity Home theater system or asking him to lend me his laptop when mine was out of order, knowing fully well that he himself would need the same. Whether it was bugging Anil with my numerous problems, hoping him to find solutions for me or simply to hear a sympathetic voice. Whether it was asking Manoj to pitch in to solve my Corporate Finance Case assignments or asking him how my balance sheet had gone bonkers! Whether it was asking Kaushik-da to do all my elective selection for me or taking tips how to deal with the demanding facilitatorsor whether it was Prosenjit-da who would not be allowed to booze in peace even in a restaurant until I knew every single conceivable detail about the ‘East Bengal Vs. Mohan Bagan’ Saga! I always found them very friendly, very helpful and very approachable. Something which I never shied away from using abundantly!

I have seen a lot of different kinds of people. People with a ‘Holier than thou’ feeling, ones with the stink of arrogance made only worse by the putridity of their condescendence to people around them. People who have a personality that could have swept you off your feet (these are the ones members of opposite sex clamour to!) and the soft, gritted and foolishly optimistic ones. Invariably the ones that really impress them, are the last ones! Met every kind of friends here, ones who would not shy away in making hay out of your misery and ones who would risk more than their skin to help you out of mess which you got yourself into just by sheer callousness or negligence or outright foolishness. I recently came to know of a senior who ‘leased’ his outdated desktop to a colleague and friend (whose laptop had got stolen in airport) for an atrocious amount. An amount which would make the deal nothing short of exploitation! Not to mention that this individual, whom till now I thought to be noble, fell fathoms below in my eyes and though he is going to the largest Investment Bank in the world, rest assured if he ever needs my help, I would definitely think more than twice before helping him.

Somehow I fully agree with Harsha Bhogle, that ‘Talent and Capability’ are the most overrated qualities today (he said this in an interaction with students of IIMC, a video of which is readily available in our Campus repositories). A far too many people have gone down in the belief that their ability would see them sail through; all they need to do was to just sit and wish away time! Life truly is about the choices you make, the route you take when in a crossroad and the sacrifices that we make in that. A bare fact of life is that, ‘We Always have a Choice’ and the ‘Choices we exercise define what/who/how we are as individuals’!

A Picture that would remain embedded in my mind for a very long time would be the sad and sorry face of Srivatsav in the evening as he was a few hours away from leaving Campus. The sadness was so pristine and so pure that it was purer than tears. It is the sadness a baby boy has on his face when he has to let go of his mother’s hands as he sets his first step to his Kindergarten School! I went to him; we both did not talk for a while, which is really odd considering loud and jovial guy he is (not to forget his roaring Laughter and his silly boy grin!) and then I put my hand on his shoulders whispering softly ‘You feeling sad?‘ and all he could manage was a soft and sullen ‘Yes’!

Today as they go ahead with their life, they leave a void behind. While I overwhelmingly wish them happiness and success (in whichever way they would define it!), I do hope at some point in life our paths will cross again and we would share some more such pleasant times.

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

(pictures of the people I have referred here are present here)

  1. Neha says:

    does anyone know where i can download the song aankhen bandh kar loon by palash sen?

    if u do please tell me..

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