Direct To Home Movie Survey

Posted: March 4, 2007 in Management, MBA Ramblings, MBA Resources

In case you are a visitor to my blog, Please be kind enough to fill this survey. It won’t take more than 2 mins, I promise.

This survey has been re-engineered to the needs of our generation which thrives on Instant noodle, Instant coffee, Instant Gratification and what not !

A little bit more about the research that we are doing is presented below

Background of the Project

With the conditional access system coming into force in a phased manner the battle for Home viewer-ship (or as some would call Home Box Office) is heating up.

The cable TV market largely a dormant sector till now dominated by major Multi System Operators(MSO) like Hathway, Siti Cable and Incable will have to change their mode of operation in all the major metros to incorporate Conditional Access system(CAS), which will require viewers to have a Set-Top Decoder. According to a report, for CAS-notified cities, non-availability of adequate number of set-top boxes continued to trouble the 750,000-800,000 consumers.

To add to the sizzle of the changing market dynamics we also have the various Direct to Home (DTH) coming in aggressively into the market with their state of the art digital Television broadcasted directly from the satellite to the homes. The Direct-to-Home service providers are cashing in on the confusion over the implementation the Conditional Access System in some areas of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Industry sources say over 20,000 consumers in the three metros have called up for DTH connections in the last two days, in comparison with an average of 6,000-8,000 calls that the call centers of Tata Sky and Dish TV receive every day.

To win this stiffly competitive race between the various DTH operators and the MSOs implementing CAS, DTH is being marketed as the latest ‘Interactive TV’ featuring a lot of value added services. One such service is ‘Movie on Demand’ is the subject of this study.

This Facility is aimed at the metro households who want to watch the latest movies released anywhere around the world and visit the multiplexes paying highly inflated amounts for the movie tickets. The service hopes to lure them into the comfort of their couch sitting with the whole family together (spending an otherwise rare family time), at the hour they prefer and at a fraction of the cost (not to mention the savings on popcorns and soft drinks which are astronomically priced) watching the same movie in the ‘Movie on Demand’ service of their DTH operator.

Our study aims at finding out how feasible indeed is the whole idea, how much of the market share of the multiplexes would it be able to acquire, how many of the CAS operators would it be chosen over and most importantly how profitably would this movie on demand service run and at what price structure would it be best suited.


Initial Hypothesis

H1:     At least 25% of the people earning Rs. 5,00,000 and above are willing to use the ‘Movie on Demand’ Service

Parameters considered for questionnaire design

  1. Family Annual Income
  2. Urban/Metropolitan Cities
    1. CAS implemented
    2. Undergoing CAS Implementation
    3. CAS implementation on the cards
    4. Possible CAS implementation in future
  3. Professional considerations
    1. Profession
    2. Working hours
    3. Frequency of traveling

4.     Activities on a weekend

  • Movies
  • Picnic
  • Travel/Excursion

5.    Convenience Factors and their influence on the decision

  • Nearness of the multiplex
  • Pricing of the auxiliary things like Popcorn/Soda/Refreshments/Parking ticket
  • Period of watching movies released in the first/second/later weeks
  • Entertainment facilities at home like a Widescreen TV/HDTV/Plasma Screen/home theatre system
  • Willingness to try out new movies in the early weeks of release
  • Willingness to watch movies sitting at home at a nominal cost of Rs. 70

6.    What factors do you look at while watching a movie?

  • Viewing experience
  • picture quality
  • no of people accompanying
  • type of movie you prefer to watch – regional, foreign , Hindi, English
  • would the option of playback control (play, pause, control) enhance viewing experience?,
  1. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Cheetos says:

    @ Idetrorce : would be more fun if you could tell me which part do you disagree with and what is your opinion about that.

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