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Saw this as a status message on one of my friend’s! Realized the gravity of what had happened exactly a year back.

As I kept pressing the refresh button sitting in the posh ambience of my organization and sipping coffee nervously, waiting for IIM K results to be out! I had royally messed up all the other IIMs thanks to an over jingoistic approach at answering the highly dubious  quant section! Kozhikode was my last respite, hopefully!

As the link to the results finally came, I clicked it with the pressing urgency of being the  first few among the 200000 students who must have waited for that opportune moment! (Not a frequenter to the MBA hullabaloo, the forum called Pagalguy, a friend of mine had called telling me that the results for K were finally out)

Once the form to ask for Date of Birth (DOB) and Registration number came, I jumped at  it and finished the whole thing at the drop of a fiddle! For the first time as I was about to  click on submit, my fingers refused to comply on the mouse buttons. No wonder, they  were terrified at the prospect of seeing ‘Sorry! Not selected!’ message. The tremors  actually ran right through my spine.

It is in this hour of weakness that the words of Rabindranath came floating to my mind,  ‘O God Protect me from disaster is not what I ask of thou, provide me but the  strength not to be afraid of facing them though!’ The words instantly calmed y frayed  nerves as in a split second my mind had already seen the future where a temporary  hurdle met me. I had prepared myself for the worst, so fear was no more a concern! I clicked the ‘submit’ button with the new found inner courage, and a schocking surprise  sprang up! ‘Congratulations! You have been shortlisted for PDGM program in IIMK’

Words failed me, as I ran a quick recheck in the ‘Welcome Mr. XYZ’ part so as to ensure  that it was not a cruel joke of fate. But apparently, that was not the case. XYZ here  correctly represented my name!

I had made it to IIM Kozhikode!