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Posted: August 27, 2007 in Gibberish Blabber, MBA Ramblings

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The Journo who wrote this classic piece is the ‘Famed’ editor of B-School Rankings. A kind of guy whose core competency remains marketing shit by posting it as ‘Research Verified and OUTLOOk stamed authentic’. My thoughts on that article follows.

Of course! As C-Fore correctly points out MDI and likes are truly a world class MBA college. Much better than three of the IIMs. Especially when the 8 lakhs siphoned off from students make its way to advertisements in Outlook and the editors of such ranking articles are taken good care of. After-all it’s situated in MY Delhi! That alone suffices.

Minor trivialities like quality of students and level of academics really count for a petty sum. The Weighted Average Value calculation really puts a trivial score of such factors. The fact that most decent profiled professionals who are well placed in life already don’t even care to apply to this institute is due to the Evil Axis spinning IIMs who keep fudging-nudging with the mindsets of people.

And, yeah any institute has the right to force a sloppy job on its students so as to protect its ‘Average Salary Figure’ even if it ends up ruining his prospects of following his dream career path. So MDI really cannot be held at guilt.

After-all the top B-School in the world is SUNY (State University of New York) and not Wharton. You see the reason causing that is the fact that Wharton is in an investment impoverished state of Pennsylvania whereas SUNY is in the Cradle of financial capital of the World, New York! 😀 (I almost fell off my seat laughing)

Thank my stars that policy matters are decided by dumb politicians and not smart journos!!

By the way, I wrote this as a comment on that article. Of course it has a Moderated comment section to ensure that only ‘Proper’ comments are filtered through! Lets see how sportive is Premchand Palety, the self proclaimed expert on B-Schools and the humdrum journalist Prostituting news.
I have written this article with MDI because this institute happens to be a particular favorite with this magazine. I could however have replaced it with many others like IMT/SPJAIN and even government ones like IIFT!

~ ‘There is nothing so PATHETIC as a man with an AMPUTATED SOUL’

  1. Ken says:


    I understand your outcry against anything which is anti-IIMK. From my understanding I found nothing which says that IIMK is bad.

    I think only concern raised by writer is that why can not government set up IIMs in bigger cities like Delhi and Mumbai. These cities more accessible not only to the Indian students but global industries and multinationals. I am sure institute will have much better interface to real outside if IIM was set up in Mumbai or Delhi where most of your iBanking and Strategy consultants finall work.

    The point raised that faculties do not prefer the Calicut due to sheer lack of basic amenities in Calicaut. It will be lot more easier for them to be in Mumbai or Delhi.

    Let me give you an example of Visa Consulates in our country. They have absolutely nothing to do with local population or their lives, neither did they love Mumbai or Delhi more than any other city of India. But availability of best education of the country for their children and accessibility for them and applicants to these cities make lot of sense.

    It is much more easier for N Murthy to fly between Bangalore and Ahemdabad and juggle between two roles than between Indore/Lucknow and Bangalore.

    It would have been great if you would have justified the existence of IIM in Calicut in the post than putting down the writer. So far I have not seen any other than those beautiful pictures you sent. Just try to take the shoes of IIMK student away and think from the perspective of common man. I am sure it will make more sense to have next IIM in Mumbai and Delhi then Leh and Lakshdweep.

    Coming to SUNY and Wharton, log on to Google or Yahoo maps and check out the driving directions. I have not seen, but I am sure it will help you to rethink on your example.

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