Who am I

Hi,  I am Cheetos (Got this name in My college Hostel for no understandable reason!).

That's Me

I am a Bong guy from New Delhi. Did my schooling from there after which I moved on.
Did my Under Graduation in Computer Science & Engineering and worked in a Sofware Company in Hyderabad for a while and currently pursuing my MBA from IIM Kozhikode.

Profile Snap

My Hobbies include a mixed bag of ‘cookies’; from listening to music, to writing blogs, to reading autobigraphies, to adoring the inscrutable calvin & his inseperable buddy hobbes, to observing people and doing self monitoring and analysis.

My Philosophy in Life : Quite akin and in sync with Calvin (who infact is named after renowned theologian John Calvin). I believe the world is indeed a very SIMPLE place to live in. I am outgoing and rambunctious and there’s not much of a filter between my brain and my mouth. I guess I am a little too intelligent for this age.

In words of Calvin then, “As far as I’m concerned, if something is so complicated that you can’t explain it in 10 seconds, then it’s probably not worth knowing anyway

I have little to no sense of restraint, don’t have the experience yet, to know the things that shouldn’t be said or done.

So, in a nut-shell I am a hopelessly optimistic, romantic, frivolous, sang-froid, simplistic, fun loving guy who has very little idea about his blunderous anachronistic existance.

From the bottom of my heart I believe that I was born to be a philosopher and it was by a quirk of fate or maybe a sheer accident, I was misplaced into the mordern ages from the 16th century to which I truly belong.

Ending as always in my signature Foolish Optimistic note:.

World is Beautiful

  1. Nambi says:

    Hi Cheetos,
    Went thru your posts. Really nice. Please note down my Kerala address below.
    (PO) Eramala
    Via Orkkatteri
    Please send me ur Kerala number. I will give u a call during my trip to Kerala.

  2. Raj Kamal says:

    Everybody has same bad habbits but different qualities.
    Iam not sure i could explain it correctly in english.
    In Hindi-
    Sabhi Manushyo me Avgun ek se hote hai magar gun alag alag .

    System daalne ke liye system me pahle khud ko daalna hota hai.

    Pratyek kshetra me safal hone ke liye athaah dharya ki jaroorat hai

  3. Hi Cheetos,
    I was making a post in my blog on Aksardham Temple. I used two pics from your post in mine. I have acknowledged you and has provided a link to your post. Let me know if that is okay with you. The link is http://haphazardorder.blogspot.com/
    Preferably reply me through email.


  4. Alice Anson says:

    Hi Cheetos (Chintan Mandal?)
    Remember me. I am Alice Anson from Don Bosco. I accidently stumbled on to your blog. Felt very nice to read about your success story. All the best may success be yours always
    Alice Anson

  5. Juliet says:

    Hi Calvin! 2/4/08
    I’m Juliet and I’m doing a project for school. I have to research some architectures work and then analyse it. I am 12 years old. I need to hand the work in tomorrow.
    yours sincerely Juliet

  6. Juliet says:

    It’s Juliet again, why did you make that piece of work?

  7. Cheetos says:

    To all : Extremely sorry folks for this really late reply. Belive me MBA realy kept me on my toes. Anyways, as someone said better late than never, so here goes…

    @Raj: Sort of agree with you but then again we have differnt tastes, different likes, diffferent habbits… REALLY we are so similar and yet so different! Thanks for writing.

    @Koushik: Its fine koushik. Keep visiting.

    @Juliet: I am not really sure what is the help that you would like from me. I would be pleased to assist you as far as possible.

    Once again re-iterating to all you wonderful people, I would be much more regular going forward!!

    @ Alice (Ma’am!): I assume you really have a good reason to have an email id as jhuma#@hotmail.com!! Somehow makes me suspicious. If you are really Alice Anson, then believe me, its very nice to have you write in.

  8. Dheeru Chhabra says:

    Hii Cheetoo

    Nice coverage of the topic .

  9. M C Sharma says:

    Hi Cheetos,
    Luckly i got ur blog, when I was thru Kanpur. It is really first time I got some goos comments for Kanpur. I belongs to Kanpur, and want a good image of Kanpur,
    So thanks u for giving good experience if u have from Kanpur.
    To know something more abt me my blog- http://www.voiceofkanpur.blogspot.com


  10. Dhruv Sharma says:

    Thanx for praising delhi metro… Felt rily proud and nice. My dad’s a chief engineer in DMRC, dat’s y!!! Good work.

  11. Upasana says:

    I love your blog…please keep posting! I wanted to ask you for some help in management, could I email you?

  12. Cheetos says:

    @upasana Go right ahead though I would like to inform you of the incredible poor choice for the advise source! I am the last person I myself would ask when up against a management query 😉

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