ME in 25 Points

  1. I love non-vegetarian food and my favorite in that would be Tandoori Chicken with a Thanda COCA COLA. In ice-creams I love Vanilla with chocolate sauce. I love having all of these in a Shere-e-Punjab Dhaaba. At home my favourite dish will be paalak paneer and Eeleesh Mach(Bengali Hilsa Fish Preperation)
  2. I am a cocktail of a Delhi-ite and a Bong, think I retain the better half of both. For example I am as headstrong as any Delhi-ite and as Lazy as a Bong. I easily go up in arms to fight for My DELHI. I have stayed in Mumbai and liked it, but I definitely think that Delhi is way better than that.
  3. I am an early riser and love listening to music at BIZZARE volumes at the crack of the Dawn. I generally Don’t bite people when they bug me during these spells. I am quite tolerant in that respect. But I strongly recommend everyone not to push their luck too far 😀
  4. I am yet to find out a time when I have actually acted sensibly in front of a girl. The prettier the girl the more clumsy I am. I do not think that there is something actually wrong with me, but only that my BAD LUCK is all SCREWED UP!
  5. I like good looking girls, but only as long as they do not open their big mouths and start spilling the ANTI-Matter stuff 😛 Its actually quite unfair of life that the pretty ones are quite bitchy. I wonder why I always feel for the ones these bitches play with and later ditch off for Greener Pastures.
  6. I have an obsessive thinking disorder, makes me believe I am a chronological mismatch in the modern era of Instant Noodles. I am probably better suited in the early 16th century in Greece among philosophers like Socrates and Ptolemy.
  7. I study only what I enjoy studying, and yes a lot of things actually do make an interesting read according to me. Operating Systems, Literature, Stories about our Freedom struggle, Biographies of Mavericks, TIME magazine, NATGEO, Harvard Business Review & Asterix are some of them.
  8. The ideal way to send my weekend evening would be comfortably resting on a leather couch, with dim defused lighting reading “Gone with the Wind” with soft instrumental music playing in the background.
  9. I am a bigger admirer of Tim Burners Lee than of William Gates (‘Bill Gates’). I always prefer a pirated version of Windows to a licensed one and provide complimentary assistance in cracking licensed soft wares.
  10. I am yet to find out what is that single most important purpose of my life. But I am pretty sure, Life is for LIVING and not for the sake of mere Survival. I believe it is the unpredictability in life which makes it truly worth living. Life otherwise would have been a simple equation. Calculate and Be-over with it. Life on the other hand springs the most startling of surprises just when you thouhgt you knew it all!
  11. I find it difficult to understand how some people eat gluttonously and still stay wafer thin. I hate it even more, that what I like the most are normally on the top of the Prohibited list. God should have made Ice Creams and Pastries healthier than Carrots and Raddishes!
  12. I am outgoing, outspoken, warm and friendly. Make easy friends in minutes and standby them even when all others leave. I have never come across a friend more faithful than I am, and I am not overstatibg facts. Its just the way of life with me. I keep in touch with my friends even though sometimes they don’t even care to return the calls. But most of them really appreciate my efforts and more then reciprocate the gestures. Some of the best friends that I have made are people who are the most different from what I am and what I stand for. The only common factor being the Inner Goodness.
  13. I pity those who have a false sense of superiority of themselves, arrogance and imprudence really are a big turn offs.
  14. I am uncomfortable with heights.:( Darkness does not frighten me and finds and shall find me quite unafraid. But despair and hopelessness arrests my free lively spirit. My sprit starts to wither when bound, it thrives best when free. I have the SPIRIT of a STALLION.
  15. I love my mom, dad and bros. I really am more of a family guy. Home to me is where my family resides. Other factors like location, ambience, physical comfort are just of little or no importance.
  16. In GOD I trust. I think religion is something more private than one’s private parts. I do not accept interference in these arenas. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and Detached Attachment are two school of thoughts I have grown to admire.
  17. I like to sing even when I am not too sure of the lyrics and I know there are others who are watching me !  I am a bathroom singer, a staircase sing, an elevator singer, a bike singer and a jogging singer rolled into one.
  18. I am intolerable to cruelty, somewhere inside me is that SILLY boy who believes that God resides in us all, we are thus all basically GOOD people. I truly am foolish and romantic beyond rectification.
  19. I think Life’s been tough at times, but I appreciate the fact that it has given me the courage to Pull on this far! “To save me from the Storm, Is not what I ask of you O God! Give me just the courage to face it
  20. I believe in living my life so that my epitaph may read “NO REGRETS”. I have only one life, so I really believe in living it in my terms. As I look back, which I do often enough, I find lots of times when I was real good and then some once or twice when I could have been better. I DO NOT intend to allow the later count to increase.
  21. I love spending Durga Puja with my family. Nothing, Nothing can really entice me out of that.
    Durga Puja With Family
  22. I believe that Indians and Americans can teach each other lots, Indian Philosophy and American Attitudes will make a killing combination. American Babes and Desi Dudes will make a terrific JODI. Similarly American Porn with Indian storyline will be a block buster seller. Imagine the storyline and special effects of Hollywood with Matkas-Jhatkas of Bollywood!! I think you get the meaning. 😀
  23. I loved watching Street Hawk, He-Man, Jungle Book, The World This Week, Vikram Aur Betal among others. I never had cable TV in my house so I watched Doordarshan. I hated Krishi Darshan and Gumshuda Talaash Jaankari ( Lost People Information). I was naïve enough to believe that news readers actually memorize all the news articles.
  24. I am working in a software company and keep wondering why people always put on a front for others, thereby complicating a rather simple life. I believe that SIX SIGMA PRINCIPLE is no match for the principles of management taught in BHAGVAD GITA. Six sigma is more of fluff, not much substance.
  25. I like it when people complement it. I like it even more when people who walk into my room compliment it for being prim and proper. I do not appreciate people who fart inside my room and the least I expect is an appology. I enjoy converstaion with interesting people with good reading habbits and a discerning taste. Routine, run-off-the-mill people bore the life out of me.
  1. vishal says:

    Man.. too good…

  2. Amiya Sarkar says:

    Tell me Cheetos, when are you going to resurface on blogosphere, now that your exams are over and entertain us with your blog articles?

  3. Shayantani Mallik says:

    nice one 🙂

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