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I live a funny life in a funny world. It has these queer ways of denying the obvious.

Keep thinking that I am very different from the unknown man who is turning a corner of the street right bout now in the opposite end of earth when the reality is quite otherwise.

For instance I am just as much fad driven. Loved blogging. Still kindda like it, at least when I am doing it on my IPhone. Lately though it’s obviously loosing out to tweeting:

It’s easier, quicker, crisper and way more pragmatic.

Something as idealistic like grammar or building a case before the conclusion is arrived at is nether facilitated nor permitted.

Suits me just as fine, though leads to a gradual corrosion of my writing skills acquired painfully through my high school years.

Anyways, this iPhone typpng is finally taking it’s toll. Will catch up soon, meanwhile am there on my twitter tweets